Where Does Your Weight Go When You Lose It?

The surprising answer to this question is that we breathe it out. Yes, that’s right, the fat in your waist eventually ends up in the air as you breathe it out over time. I’ll explain how this works conceptually, then will run some calculations to estimate the weight loss associated with an average breath, then will discuss how this relates to exercise and some additional nuances of the problem.

Wait, what?! Learn something new every single day…

Holding Doors

It felt like everybody won.

Just one small thing, built on a desire to survive, changed everything.

There is Always an Aftertaste

The moment an employee leaves a company you can begin to understand, more fully, their impact (or the lack thereof). It’s as if long-held beliefs or issues or perspectives and opinions on this person are finally shared among the rest of the remaining staff (it makes you wonder why they aren’t shared more often while he/she is there…).

It’s either a glowing aftertaste or an incredibly bitter brew. You know what I’m talking about, right? Sometimes when that staffer leaves everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief. Perhaps they should have left sooner (or someone should have fired them).

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