Swift: Now is the Time


The development and software engineering world was shaken up recently with the announcement of a new programming language via Apple, called Swift.

There have already been a number of thoughts from long-standing Obj-C experts spanning from absolute gushing adoration and, of course, the proverbial “weeping and gnashing of teeth” – I, for one, embrace the opportunity to learn a new language just as I have on many occasion: A mix of curious fascination, whimsical dreaming, and a healthy dose of fear.

Besides, it wasn’t too long ago when I seriously began learning Obj-C myself and how I started from the ground-floor - what’s another syntax to throw in the mix? I mean, why the hell not…

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My mother is so clever. She used to entertain my brother and I for hours with a simple pot, water, and some soap.

Still works.

To Create Magic

I have lived an incredible life, one full of opportunity, happiness and much undeserved success. If I am honest with myself I have, more often than not, taken many of these things for granted and if you’re like me then much of my day is spent opining the many things that I have yet to obtain or accomplish.

How frightfully sad and how tragically self-absorbed.

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Authors and Their Writing Tools

I love writing and I am fascinated by the tools that other writers use to get their work done. Whether this is an actual device and tool or a methodology and strategy for execution I study them all in an effort to glean a bit for my own use.

Many of the writers of our contemporary time find their instruments in digital form, writing applications that help them to capture thoughts and bring them to life. Of course, I’m building my own as well in an effort to create the best solution for my own needs – and I hope it’ll provide a lot of value for others as well.

A friend of mine stumbled upon this interesting and short infographic on famous authors and their writing instruments – I was not surprised to see how many of them just used paper and pen:

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Love My Town

I love my city. I love my town. I want this city to be the birthplace of great ideas, the place that I and the many creatives who live here can give her credit for when the business thrives, and the place that I can grow my family.

I want to give the city her fair shot about being the best that it can be, especially in terms of startups, incubators, accelerators, networking, entrepreneurship of all kinds, and just simply value-creation.

I would never have thought that I would have so strongly identified with a city for all that I do but it’s kind of happened. I have come to terms with being an Atlantan and I want to do much, much more for her because she’s done so much for me.

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