A Real Vacation

It’s taken about 8 or so days to really get in the swing of things and mentally vacate my own head to a point where I wasn’t completely stressed or anxious about not being on top of things, especially my email.

It sort of sucks to think that it takes me that long to just adjust to a new emotional state to the point where I’m not entirely fretting over the things that I’m missing.

But if I’m honest with myself I know that there will never be a vacation long enough for me to completely vacate; it’s somewhat outside of my own power.

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Long Term Thinking

I’ve heard it preached a thousand times over that short-term thinking is evil and that real visioncasters always think long-term. This is especially prevalent in the startup community where this type of perspective is typically lauded and anyone who’s more “business” is vilified.

The reality is that long-term thinking is incredibly difficult to do explicitly and intentionally and as far as I can tell you’re either born with this talent and natural tendency or you’re not.

And, my friends, I’ll be honest – I was not born with this gift. I struggle with thinking about the long game with the best of them.

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No Killing in Soccer

I was in the other room with Sue and we overheard our oldest having a conversation about the soccer game that was currently being played between France and Germany via the Fifa 2014 World Cup Quarterfinals.

Here is what we heard:

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Tim Howard

Tim Howard

Tim Howard – United States Goal Keeper

When the ball is far away, he says he indulges his twitches. “I don’t suppress it,” he told the German publication. But when an opposing striker approaches and readies an attack — which happened over and again on Tuesday — his muscles miraculously calm. “I have no idea how I do it,” he said. “Not even my doctors can explain it to me. It’s probably because at that moment my concentration on the game is stronger than the Tourette’s syndrome.”

Tim Howard, who has Tourette’s syndrome, had a record-setting number of saves in their final match in the 2014 World Cup. It seems that his condition hasn’t stopped him from achieving success and his story is one that has inspired millions.

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Understanding People and Organizational Culture

It’s easy to forget that we are people first and that the priority sits squarely there in all that we do. We are then employees, team-members, SMEs, leaders and executives second.

Unfortunately the natural consequence of being flawed human beings is that we find the variations and differences between us before we understand the similarities that we all share.

The result? Conflict. And it’s our collective job to manage it well. Truly, people are the X-Factor.

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