Turning Pro

I’m walking through Steven Pressfield’s book, Turning Pro, with a few digital friends in a digital book club, of sorts, and I am enjoying the challenge of writing down my thoughts consistently as I read them.

My typical pattern of writing and reflecting behavior as it relates to books is to consume, very quickly, the material and then go back and refer to what I had circled and made notes of. This activity, though, is very different as I am pausing mid-read to collect thoughts and expand on them. Whether this is a better way of doing things is unknown to me but it is, at the very least, refreshing.

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Pictures of Food

It’s crazy to discover how much our children will learn from their parent’s behavior and how much of that behavior they will naturally mimic.

For instance, my 8-year old daughter took a picture of her food before she consumed it and sent it to the rest of the family. How many times has she seen us do the exact same thing?

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Fifty Things

via Dilbert

There’s no magic bullet, no formula to follow. It’s easy to say but it’s hard to “buy into” when you’re under pressure, regardless of source.

We’re on the constant lookout for a quick-fix, a shortcut, a playbook of sorts. We purchase and consume “how tos” religiously and take published, sequential lists as gospel for fool-proof rubrics to success.

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