Why People Leave

My focus this year with the work that I do is to find and retain the very best and brightest of our talent @ The Iron Yard. This is my greatest and most difficult task, a responsibility that all of the partners and staff share but that I feel very deeply about and am accountable to.

We’ve reached some pretty important milestones recently as we’ve had some of our first employees reach their 1-year anniversary with the company.

This means that we have yet-another-reason to celebrate (one should always be on the lookout for any and every available opportunity to celebrate) but also typical year-centric things like individual and team reviews. These things have not always been viewed as “positive” nor exciting but I believe they can be when done right and well – I think they can be incredibly healthy for the individual and the organization.

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Be Brave

via Katherine Center:

We need to be brave with our lives so that other people can be brave with theirs.

There are occasions when I believe this is what I do best, even better than software programming or being a business owner or perhaps, even, better than being a husband and father (not more “important”) though…

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Twitter: Goodbye, I Quit

My goal was to keep this post short. I wanted to, at first, keep it at 140 characters but that felt generally impossible. This line here is already 152.

I have mentioned in a few blog posts already that I had planned on quitting Twitter I just wasn’t sure the timing. Well, last night, that moment came. Not via some big flashy event but rather like the breaking of a small mental toothpick.

The proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” perhaps.

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