Be Brave

via Katherine Center:

We need to be brave with our lives so that other people can be brave with theirs.

There are occasions when I believe this is what I do best, even better than software programming or being a business owner or perhaps, even, better than being a husband and father (not more “important”) though…

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Twitter: Goodbye, I Quit

My goal was to keep this post short. I wanted to, at first, keep it at 140 characters but that felt generally impossible. This line here is already 152.

I have mentioned in a few blog posts already that I had planned on quitting Twitter I just wasn’t sure the timing. Well, last night, that moment came. Not via some big flashy event but rather like the breaking of a small mental toothpick.

The proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back” perhaps.

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Lifestyle as Work

8BIT, circa May 2011

This picture was taken by a friend during a trip he was taking up the east coast and he captured, quite perfectly, the organization that I was building at the time.

I started this company, quite literally, in a basement. On occasion, we’d “graduate” to the first floor (when the spouses allowed it) and we’d hang and build a company worth working for.

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On Tinkering and Writing

I love to “tinker” because the goal isn’t to necessarily improve the object or the idea but rather to engage with it in a casual way, almost playful manner that sometimes creates more value for me than an intense and overly-emotional project.

Tinkering with new technologies, experimenting with different ideas to try, all of this is part of who I am – I even have a small monthly budget of “throw away” money to try this and that (it’s small though… at some point I’d love a much bigger one).

But tinkering is not always helpful nor beneficial when it comes to writing…

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How to Start the Day


How do you start the day? Here’s how:

Eat the Frog:

Tackle the hardest problem on your plate. — Mark Twain


Visualize how you will make your day. — Tony Robbins

Work Out:

I do it just to clear my head and relieve me of stress. — Barack Obama

Real Work, No Email:

Don’t check your email and do real work. — David Karp

Talk to Customers:

Customer service. — Craig Newmark

Ask Myself:

Every morning I asked myself: ‘If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?’ — Steve Jobs

I particularly like the last quote.

Here are some 100+ amazing quotes for your inspiration and a few more quotes via Steve Jobs in this epic biography.

LFG: Dev Evangelist, Recruiter

To put it simply, I’m looking for a Developer Evangelist and Recruiter to work with me directly for our continued growth for The Iron Yard. You can obviously get an overall job description on the main site and get a feel.

I have shared news about other opportunities before on this blog (and there are definitely a handful of opportunities!) but I’m sharing this one specifically because it really is the first role that will be directly reporting to me in a new-ish organization that I’m building around human capital.

And that’s super-exciting.

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