Why People Leave

via First Round:

There is, however, one big reason employees may leave on account of their manager: Loss of confidence — in them or the company. “Let’s say you’ve had a couple of pivots and you just don’t believe in the company or concept anymore. You lose confidence in the marketability or leadership,” says Guthrie.

A company’s leadership needs to be aware of these potential undercurrents in their organization, and should deal with them head on. Otherwise, your best and brightest will be on the lookout for opportunities to jump ship.

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An Integrated Life

A good friend of mine and mentor recently mentioned that he felt like I had done a decent job of creating an “integrated life,” one that included comprehensively the different aspects of one’s life, which might include the physical, mental, psychological, spiritual, professional, relational (family and beyond), recreational, etc.

I paused for a moment, namely because it was a great compliment but also because I’m not entirely sure how it happened (if it were, indeed true) and how I could also ensure that I could continue to do just that (because I believe this integration is important.

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