Startups and Transparency

via First Round:

Because if you and your leadership team are behind closed doors for hours, you better believe that everyone else is wondering (and nervous about) why.

There’s something magical that happens when you open the lines of communication up and allow your staff and team a deeper and more intimate look at what’s happening (as well as your customers).

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Twitter: Don’t Call it a Comeback…

6 months ago I quit Twitter and a lot has changed since then (which is about right for my life) and, to be honest, it’s been awesome living without Twitter for my own personal use.

But since I view Twitter, like so many other web services, as strictly utilitarian (it was once pretty “cool” and “hip” and very, very personal and intimate… I know, right…) I’m always open to reassessing the said utility and usefulness of such things.

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Loyal to the Leader

Man, I love this via AVC:

At the end of the day, people are loyal to a leader they believe in. Leading is not managing. Although it is impossible to lead if there is no management. But leading is that special thing. It is charisma, it is strength, it is communication, it is vision, it is listening, it is being there, it is calm, it is connecting, it is trust, faith, and belief. The best founders are great leaders. They may be shitty managers which means they need to find managers to help them. But they are great leaders. One of the things we look for in founders is leadership. If we want to follow them, we believe that others will too.

That’s why it’s okay if the Founder/CEO doesn’t stay the CEO forever.

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CEO to the End?

I love this:

Some founders make great CEOs until the end, some don’t. And some (like me) love the first 5 years, first $30-50 million in revenue, leading the first 150 employees but don’t love the role after that point. So sometimes even if you want to stay put (as Reid Hoffman did) – it may make sense to bring on the new CEO that is more experienced and enjoys more the scaling / large growth phase of a startup.

Some have it and some do not. It doesn’t mean that this is a less-than type of thing or that anyone is less valuable or capable, rather, it means that the person knows who they are and how best to serve their organization (and their own ambitions).

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Health Matters


I think every company believes and understands that the health of their employees is really important but very few actually act on those beliefs.

This shouldn’t be a surprise since most (if not all) people also believe that their personal health is really important but, alas, not all actually put that belief in practice either.

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