On Suicide

I’ve already written a few blog posts around this topic (here with the most context, here, here, here, here in an interview which many have listened to, and here) but I haven’t ever taken the topic full-on and I’ve never really wanted to.

It wasn’t until late last night as I was reading the incredibly sad and tragic news of a few entrepreneurs who had committed suicide in Las Vegas and the fact that I have had some incredibly intense 1-on-1 conversations with an old friend recently who also attempted suicide that I felt compelled to share a bit more of my story.

My intention is two-fold, the first being an opportunity for myself to encounter this subject directly for the first time in a long time (this is why I write to begin with) and second to encourage others to seek the help that they need early (today?!) rather than when it is too late.

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On Settling

A few times a month I’ll engage in a few professional coaching sessions and I absolutely love the time that I get to spend with these individuals as it’s raw, intense, and very unfiltered.

In a way, I get to provide completely unedited and unabridged perspective for someone who’s ready and willing to receive it. It’s a nice molotov cocktail of humility and passion for both parties as I get to encourage and excite someone into action and they get to come ready to do work and share with me what they’ve always wanted to do.

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Chrome Bravo Backpack (What’s Inside)

I’m somewhat obsessed about backpacks. Even as a child I would obsess about them and stand there in the store aisle toying with them, trying them on, walking around the store with them as I attempted to find the perfect one for the coming school year.

I can remember my mother yelling “Hurry up!” as I painstakingly compared and contrasted my options. There were just too many points to compare, too many weights and balances to experience and try, and never enough color choices (although I really like black).

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Never Underestimate Initiative


I attempt to spend time with every single Academy cohort @ The Iron Yard so that I might pour into them as much as I possibly can so that they can have the most success when they leave the program.

I have a few presentations that I give covering blogging, personal branding, product development, entrepreneurship, and pitching for Demo Day. These talks are some of the best part of my job even though it often requires a bit of travel.

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Freedom: 4 Months without Comments

It’s been almost 4 months since I’ve turned off comments on this blog and although the intent was to originally move some of those conversations to Twitter I quickly adjusted my implementation to neither encourage nor explicitly direct people to comment there.

Social sharing. Yey.

Social sharing. Yey.

I just removed them entirely and kept some of the social sharing links at the bottom. Boring, I know, but apparently that’s where I’m headed anyways.

And it has been entirely worth it.

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I Got Boring

Fame is an interesting thing. Being “internet famous” is even more weird. Stories like Phil Fish scare the shit out of me. Literally. A large dose of anxiety is attacking me as I type these very words.

I used to be somewhat “subculturally important” at one point in my life. I am no longer important in that particular context or culture; I am no longer “famous” or on the fringe of being “famous”.

In fact, the people that used to care about my opinion in that subculture no longer care – they’ve entirely moved on.

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On Selfies and Employment

via Dr. Tracy Alloway, professor at the University of North Florida:

Every narcissist needs a reflecting pool. Just as Narcissus gazed into the pool to admire his beauty, social networking sites, like Facebook, have become our modern-day pool.

How do you react to this? How do you react typically when you see a selfie posted in your own social network?

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