Shoes to Fill


My twin brother and I.

We’ve all have a past, as much as we want to hide from it. We’ve all experienced what it’s like to move into a role, a responsibility, a place in life where you were picking up from where someone else left off.

Whether it was something as typical as a new job for you or whether it was something as big as a new familial role we’ve all done something like it.

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Going a Little Further


Sometimes when you take something a little bit further it can be a really big deal.

A friend of mine is teaching herself HTML and CSS and it’s been fun tracking with her and her progress as she works through some free online courses.

I spent some time on the phone with her the other day just encouraging her to continue to pursue this new interest and providing some guidance to her work as well as a few challenges.

It was a simple, easy, and stimulating conversation but one that didn’t cost me much time nor energy.

But then she sent me this little card (via this app) and it was really striking how personal it felt. Sure, it wasn’t a printed car mailed to me but it felt just as good if I were to be honest.

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Be a Bit Unreasonable

After experiencing something like Startup Weekend it’s hard to imagine coming back to something as mundane, boring, and banal as a 9-to-5 job.

Thankfully, I do not have a job like that but I do remember what it’s like coming back to something that I really hated after having the time of my life somewhere else.

And we’ve all had this experience once or twice ourselves (or 1,000 times over) coming back from a vacation or from an exceptionally-great weekend but there’s something very primal about doing something that you’d love to do as your full-time job and role during a “break” and then coming back to something that you have to do that you detest for your salaried income.

It can be a painful reminder that we’re all in transition and that we may not be there quite yet.

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“Notebook” vs “Laptop”


I’ll tell you my perspective and then you can tell me yours; I call my small computing device that includes a typewriter and a screen a notebook computer but apparently it is still up for debate as to whether or not that is the best term to use.

I still hear “laptop” and I literally cringe. I’m not entirely sure why nor do I remember when I first started to cringe but I cannot stand the word. It is a notebook computer to me and there is no other description that will suffice.

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From Barista to Software Developer


This story is pretty-much why I do what I do @ The Iron Yard – I can’t get enough of this!

I went straight to university after high school, and very quickly found that it wasn’t for me. So I did odd-jobs for a few years until 2013- I worked in every aspect of coffee. From roasting, to being a barista, to carting coffee across borders. I was a coffee mule! I found out about Iron Yard through a family friend and decided to give it a shot.

He went on to become a full-time Front End Engineer at a fast-growing and exciting company. My hope is that we can continue to produce these types of stories every single semester.

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