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Are You an Original Content Creator or Parasite?


But isn’t this way to true of many,¬†many blogs out there? You may even be suspect and/or guilty of doing the same thing! As blogging continues to grow and the ease of creating content becomes near-effortless there will be an increasing premium on truly¬†original writing.

Unfortunately a lot of what I read out there is re-hashed, re-gurgitated, or re-blogged content with little additional value or even commentary at times! I see a lot of CTRL-C and CTRL-V action happening as bloggers copy and paste with abandon.

Now, I’m not saying that all of this is necessarily bad and some of it’s just basic journalism, especially if you’re in the business of reporting news. What I am saying is that defining your unique voice and perspective is going to be handcuffed and limited unless you spend time investing in developing just that!

If you do spend time being much more parasitical in your writing then I would challenge you to write one more original blog post this week than you typically do. If you spend a lot of time copy and pasting your competition (or inspiration) then why not make sure that you add some valuable commentary or opinion about the piece instead of saying “Isn’t that cool?”

I have a strong, authentic, and real voice in my community and my context because I’ve trained it, crafted it, curated it, and invested in it for many different years. There are a lot of copy-cats (and that’s fine) but there’s only one original me. The same goes for you and all the great stuff that you have but that you have yet to share publicly.

Be an original content creator and less of a content parasite. Do yourself a favor (and the world as a result) but going deep into your own thought, excavating the gold that you find, and bringing it back to a world that desperately needs to hear about it.