The Challenge of Perception Management

One of the things that I shared yesterday during my talk at WordCamp Atlanta was the idea of perception management and how this works in the context of your digital online brand, your blog content, and how you can monetize your blog.

You see, perception management is very nuanced but it’s simply the ability to be aware of your customer’s and reader’s perception of who you are and leveraging it well for your message, blog, and business model. It is already happening – the question is whether you’re in the driver’s seat or not.

It is both a skill and a reflex, a craft that is refined and an intuition about who you are and what your business and blog is about. It’s strength is directly related to your level of confidence in those areas your own personal identity, brand, and unique strengths that make your marketable and distinct.

With the right mix in play you can overcome the stereotypes that plague us as humans – like gender differences, style, appearance, and biological elements that none of us can control.

The goal besides winning over new visitors and clients (if you’re a business blogger) is to maintain the line of integrity between the message that create and the message that is received or perceived.

I came across a fantastic artist who created a series called “Honest Logos” – I loved his work and wanted to give you a full look at what’s he’s created. Most of the logos you’ll see will be instantly recognizable but the most interesting psychological impact will be your agreement with the messaging.

Check these out:

Are there any logos that Viktor created that really stand out to you in particular? Are there any ones in particular that you agree with fairly strongly?

What’s fascinating is for you to observe your reaction, especially your emotional reaction to the logos and the difference between the intrinsic and extrinsic qualities.

If you want to go “deep 9″ on it then you can reflect this back on yourself: Think about how your own brand may be suspect. Wow, what?!

There is no “quick fix” solution and I can imagine it might be short of impossible to “correct” the challenges of these particular brand messaging but what I do know is this: Your goal is to provide value to your readers and those that will need your products and services and continuing to provide extremely high value will keep them here today, tomorrow, and perhaps in the future.

Heck, they may even bring their friends too.

  • Tasra Dawson

    ha! I don’t like the first one… starbucks… probably because it’s the only one I really have a stake in… and spend time and money on. The others are funny because I don’t have any connection to them so it’s easy to see the humor.

    Interesting food for thought.

    • John Saddington

      i have some in my mouth right now. *gulp*

  • Bryan

    I think many will agree that there’s a lot of truth in these logos. That’s why they’re so funny.

    I disagreed with the Disney one the most. Maybe that’s because I associate them with the Pixar movies. The more I think about it though, maybe that logo is more about the Disney channel shows aimed at tweens, in which case, I wholeheartedly agree.

    The question is, do these companies really have to fight all that hard against those perceptions? They’re all successful businesses because they continue put out products that people want.

    • John Saddington

      they may not ever have to fight against them since their profits do the talking… they may not ever care.

  • Charles Specht

    For some reason I feel like I need to go to Starbucks for some coffee. I can’t figure out why. LOL

    • John Saddington

      i just did. :)

  • Dustin W. Stout

    I think the “Cancer” logo is my fav. I hate cigarettes. That one in particular evoked a “HECK YEA!” emotion… interesting lol!

    There’s a few of those logos that I’m clueless about, but particulary the “FAZO” one… what is that for?

    • John Saddington

      This is a spoof of the Swedish brand “Fazer”, which among other things makes chocolate and candy… “fazo” is also slang for a “joint”. :)

      • Dustin W. Stout

        Now I get it… lol thanks for bringing me up to speed! lol

  • Brad Kinder

    I love these! Some made me laugh!

    • John Saddington

      same. and yet, at the same time, cry…

  • Atria

    Love the conncept!
    Shared on my blog FB page:)


    • John Saddington

      thanks atria!

  • Adam

    These are great and so true! Thanks for sharing.

    • John Saddington

      you’re most welcome adam!