Become a Publisher Plus One

Anyone remember this basketball brand? Hah!

I’ve recently changed my universal stance on online publishing and blogging and my official position is to encourage every blogger to publish daily. I know this probably makes a number of people really nervous and that’s ok but it’s where I have decided to firmly plant my feet.

I mentioned this first during a Meetup and I’ve continued to share this perspective with anyone who asks me how they can improve – I ask them if they are publishing daily and then build a conversation from that point on.

But I’m going to up the ante, so to speak, this morning and go ahead and challenge everyone to go one step further and become a Publisher Plus One - that is, to publish once and to also do one thing to increase the effectiveness of their blog.

This might include one of the following:

The point is to begin to develop a pattern and rhythm of not just publishing content but enhancing the overall experience of your blog for your readers. Consider this like a daily checkup for your blog so that it’s running smoothly and at it’s best but also increasing it’s value (and perhaps profitability) every single day.

Developing this momentum will pay off in spades down the road. I can’t tell you how many bloggers I’ve met who haven’t updated anything on their blog for months (if not a year or so) and they wonder why they aren’t growing as fast as they think they should!

There is, of course, no guarantee that anything will actually help your blog traffic but I’m as close to 100% as possible when I say that I think it will. Investing in your blogging mechanics as a writer and as a property owner will have a return because you’re versing yourself with your system and platform better each and every day.

No one sees results when they first step in and out of a gym – it takes time and continual investment to see the long-term effects.

Become a Publisher Plus One today and commit to increasing your blog’s value daily. If blogging is part of your future and if you want it to become an ever-increasing part of that future then you have to start today.

A few banners for your use:

And for those interested, I simply used Myanmar MN as the font.

  • Kevin Martin

    Publishing daily is definitely a way to build one’s readership because I’ve come to learn that most people love persistent bloggers. I usually try to publish every other day, but I guess I’ll step my blogging game up by publishing daily. Also, I’m always experimenting with various WordPress themes and plugins (even screwed up my blog a few times by doing so). Nice post, John!

  • Geekfori

    Love the icon brother

    Actually today I have 4 articles queued up and ready to go. Excited to see if more content bumps up return visitors etc.

    I am also experimenting with some plugins to help with Adsense placement along with newsletter signup.

  • Craig Jarrow


    You shook me out of my Monday-Friday pattern.

    Posted yesterday… Sunday for the first time in a while.

    Daily can be scary for many bloggers… who struggle to post even a few times a week.

    But, like anything… it take practice… and it gets easier and easier. :)



  • Jason Bradley

    I’m in! Already added the image to my sidebar. Time to get jiggy with it!

  • Anna B

    I can only post twice a week right now, but I love the idea of taking time every day to promote my blog and my site. I definitely want to be a publisher +1!

  • jbledsoejr

    I am in! I have committed to publishing M-F, but not weekends…I have noticed my traffic on Mondays is very low (2nd to only Sunday). My traffic trend is low on Monday and increasing each day through Friday…then a complete drop off on Saturday and Sunday due to no posts/activity. I used to post on weekends as well, but thank to your post I am going to get back to posting daily.

    I also love the “Plus One” as my blog needs continued work, and I usually try to do a lot in one setting as a project. I like the more methodical approach of doing something to add value each day.

    Thanks for this post and idea!

  • Tyler H

    already done! i like to stockpile posts at least two weeks in advance so that i don’t freak out and rush to “publish” something of poor quality, yet I want something out there every day, even on weekends when fewer people come around, i figure worst case scenario they might read it on Monday!

  • Kendall Lyons

    Thanks for allowing us to use the banners and providing them for us!!! I got Publisher Plus One banner sitting to the side….I’m committed and ready to make this daily blog thing happen!!!

    I’ve already been writing at least once a day and I have seen results and I am ready to REALLY make big waves occur.

  • Kevin Muller

    Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration!

    I started my personal blog last week, in an experimental phase to prepare for a professional blog. It was “slow out of the gate”, but now I’m averaging one post per day.

    Today, however, I wrote three posts already and plan to release them over the course of the day. (Yes, I know that there’s an app for that, but this is the first time that is is even needed.)

    I definitely gaining momentum and flow. It feels good! But I’m out of town, away from the daily grind. The true test will be next week, when reality returns. :^)

    This morning, I’ve already begun the Plus One routine (before reading this post), and have been experimenting. I hope to learn from the experience of you and your other readers. I look forward to accepting the challenge.

  • Ryan Imel

    Good call on this one. I know it can freak bloggers out a bit to think in those terms, but blogging is just like anything else. The more you do it, the better you’ll be. Once a day is a great goal.

    I also like to recommend not analyzing your blog posts or patters/habits until you have around 100 posts published. That’s the point when I think you begin to be comfortable with your voice online and can really start to get serious. At least, that’s how it was for me.

    • Ben Terry

      Thanks for sharing, Ryan! You bring up some valid points and helpful information.

      We love the stuff you are doing over at

  • Dustin W. Stout

    Oh, how I wish I had the time to publish every day… :/