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Let Other People’s Success Propel and Motivate You Forward

Every single day we’re presented with people who appear to “have it made” so to speak. People who appear to have it all figured out and who are in a period and time and place and career and relationship that from nearly every angle look like nothing less than success.

Then the inevitable question arises within your mind and your heart and sometimes you even audibly say the words:

Why not me?

And your mind begins to wander (or race) about every conceivable reason why things just haven’t worked out for you. Heck, your dreams and ambitions are no less glorious, no less important, and with no less impact than theirs and yet you’re stuck in a dead-end job and in a place that doesn’t really look like it’s going anywhere.

What you are spending your time doing (besides surviving the work week until the weekend) is comparing your so-called “luck” with people who seem to have it when you don’t.

I submit to you that this is foolishness and an incredible amount of wasted time.

Success┬áis as intangible as you may think and have been told but have yet to believe because those that apparently have it don’t see it that way. If you’re going to spend any time fantasizing about someone else’s success time better spent would be on using those times of comparison to energize the very next step in your personal project or plan.

I’m not sure what that “plan” or “project” is for you but no one is going to be more motivated than you to achieve it so if you’re waiting on some external force to give it the boost that you need you’re dead wrong.

If you do need fuel you’ve already got it – a host of other people who have the desired success that you don’t have. You’ve got most of everything else that you need. Give yourself the gift of mental propulsion and stop comparing your “sorry” state with others. You’re in a great spot, even though you may hate it, and you’re only a loser if you willingly decide to stay there.

So get off the couch and turn off the television and go take that first step today. Not tomorrow, today.