Giveaway: Quiet App for Mac


A little while back I shared more than 20 amazing writing and focus apps that could help you concentrate when writing blog content (and other writing needs).

I also listed out my favorite writing app with a detailed review as well!

But many of you shared how you didn’t want to necessarily purchase a new application entirely – and some of you were actually quite happy with using some existing software like Microsoft Word or another text editor.

Well here’s one app that’ll add another level of focus and quiet for your writing efforts – it’s called Quiet App.

What does it do? It essentially fades away all the other screens around the screen or application of your choosing! Check it out:

Clear the clutter and noise!

It’s simple to use and you’ve even got some customization options as well:

I used it this morning as I finished out a draft for a blog post I hope to release later today! It’s slick and you can quickly add that level of focus that you want with any application that you currently have!

Check out these other screens as well:

Any app you want!


Shortcut keys available as well!
Easy to use options.

So far I’m digging it and I can see a lot of our readers here finding this as a more attractive option than an entirely different and separate application.


And I’ve got one to give away! All you have to do is:

  • Share via a comment below which app you’d use with Quiet App (+1 entry).
  • Share this blog post via Twitter and make sure to add #tentbloggers hashtag (+1 entry).

That’s it! Will pick a randomly selected entry next week!


Thanks all for participating! Here’s the winner!

  • Paul Weaver

Congrats! Feel free to email me and I’ll send you the code!