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TL;DR: is now

Already a few of you have noticed a slight change in the URL structure here on my blog (stalkers…!) – yes, is officially retired and I’m now using what was once my personal landing / branding page as my blog instead.

I foreshadowed this change here in this post and it’s part of a series of changes that should occur over the next few months including a sweet design change, which I’m really quite excited about.

All traffic should be successfully re-routed and 301′d to the right place but if you see anything missing or out of line then please let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it.

For those that have been with me the longest you know that I make dramatic shifts like this every once in a while and I’m so thankful you’ve stuck around as long as you have – it means a great deal to me that you still find value in the things that I write and you can rest assured that I will never change that aspect of my online publishing.


When I first launched TB in September of 2010 I was embarking on an experiment of becoming a full-time blogger. I was able to accomplish that goal, as it’s typically understood, and make a decent yearly income from my efforts.

But it was ultimately not for me. I like building digital products, experimenting with software, and being an explorer of digital environments in addition to startups, entrepreneurship, and coaching. I enjoy writing about my daily adventures but I did not enjoy having a large portion of my income stem from it. It just didn’t make sense for me and it didn’t feel right – I can’t explain it anymore than that.

And so overtime my original plan became less attractive and I knew, starting even as far as a year or so ago, that it wasn’t going to last forever. But where to go? What URL should I use?

I have said before that I strongly suggest not using you own proper name as your blog as it gives you much more freedom with your content from a business perspective and I still believe this is a good route to choose (although you should definitely own your own proper name URL(s)).

I actually had another domain ready to be used for this change but some very significant changes in my life prompted me to seriously reconsider. To make a long story very, very short I opted to go with for now. I may change this up but for now it’ll do just fine and in many ways it makes the most sense for where I am today.

What You Can Expect

There’s really nothing much more that has changed other than a URL swap fuctionally-speaking. I’ll be writing every single day as I have been for the past 12 years or so and you can digest it in both RSS format or via an Email Subscription. For those that have subscribed previously you shouldn’t have any interruption in your delivery as I’ve made those changes for the transition. I’m still using Feedburner and until Google kills it off I still like the service.

For those interested, here’s an updated digital colophon:

Also, I’ve changed up my About Page as well as created a new Goodies Page that’ll highlight some of the things that I’ve created that you might found exceptionally valuable and useful. In addition, I’ve created two new pages, Coaching and Speaking that I hope grow a bit this year as those are increasing interests and passions of mine.

A New Goal

Finally, something that I’m sharing publicly for the first time is my intent on heading in a direction that will hopefully end up with me becoming a venture capitalist.

I’ve shared this in select and private circles before but I want to make it known publicly so that I can create even more accountability as well as begin to share my interest and pursuit.

I am an entrepreneur and it’s great. I will always be and do that. I have raised angel and venture capital. Frustrating and exciting, it’s been a neat ride. Heck, I’ve even done crowd funding, although it almost killed me. I’ve been an angel as well.

But I’d like to take a peek on the other side – I’d like to become a venture capitalist, not in the near future and it may take another 10 years or so, but it’s what I see as a convergence of a number of my interests and skills. I’m not looking to rush into it but rather keep my sights set on it as a long-term opportunity.

I hope it works out because it would be an incredible amount of fun.

And that about wraps up this post. I’m excited about what the future holds and the best part about it all is that most of it is mystery.

  • John Saddington

    testing. again.

  • Rob Still

    I’ll miss Tentblogger. Thanks for all the help you offered John.

    • John Saddington

      thanks buddy! still here, just domain swap!

  • Joshua Breland

    Have been waiting for this. While I lament the exit of Tent Blogger, I know whatever “new” you do is always better. Thanks for making the internet a better place!

    • John Saddington

      thanks man. evolution. it’s always “in”.

  • Chris Langille

    I totally get it. My online focus has done a 180 in the last 6 months, let alone the last 3 years. Like you said, evolution is “in”. I learned so much from you and no matter what your online persona is man i’ll be checking posts ever day just like I have been for the last year and a half

    • John Saddington

      thanks so much for your continued support!

  • Josue Molina

    You probably know this already. But Disqus has a way to transfer some old comments in WordPress to their comment system. The option is somewhere in their settings.

    • John Saddington

      i believe i already clicked that… wel’l see if it pulls them in!

  • Blessing Mpofu

    It’s been inspiring seeing the shifts and you being vulnerable about changes… It doesn’t seem sudden but progressively… i guess the thing is to always be open to learning (which includes understanding self better) and making adjustments to what your learning demands. all the best with upcoming endeavors.

    • John Saddington

      thanks buddy!

  • Kristin

    Ok I left a comment, but it didn’t save… Probably like a lot of others. I think I said something like God bless your future endeavors, and I can’t wait for Pressgram to come out! I am so glad I stumbled upon Tent Blogger two years ago, it has helped me tremendously! Excited to see how God will use you in the future :)

    • John Saddington

      thanks kristin!

  • Electronic Bindery

    Hey, I only just found you. Good luck – Venture Capitalist? You’re really setting the bar!

  • Jonathan Esterman

    Big steps. Caught me by surprise – I have been using Feedly to follow you since before you started Tentblogger. It’ll be interesting to what your next steps. You’ve been an inspiration, even with this change as well (making my reflect my own future as a hobby blogger

    • John Saddington

      thanks man!