My Social Media Toolkit and Workflow

It’s no secret that social media and social networks play a vital role in your blogging efforts as they are communication and marketing channels for your blog and the content!

In fact, most blogs wouldn’t be nearly as successful or popular without the power of social media and social networking tools – the challenge is to know which ones that one should use and then mastering the use of them.

I’m probably speaking to the choir here so I won’t say much about the justification of using social media, especially since I’ve already argued the importance of social sharing and how it helps your blog’s SEO – instead I’ll simply share what I use and my very quick workflow that I employ every time I publish a blog post.

Here’s a quick video overview:

[tentblogger-vimeo 34704480]

1. Twitter

I use Twitter as a marketing and distribution channel for all my blog posts and 9 out of 10 blog posts get a tweet from me the moment they get published as well as a second tweet perhaps later in the day to capture hits from people who may have missed the first.

I rarely tweet the post manually after that first day unless someone asks me specifically for a link or I can answer a question via Twitter with a blog post. I will add that I do use this neat WordPress Plugin called Tweet Old Post that enables me to auto-tweet archived posts occasionally.

2. Facebook

After I publish a post I not only “Like” the post (personal Facebook page) but I also share it on my Facebook Fan Page. I may add a few comments here or there but otherwise that’s about it.

I’m not as active as many others in Facebook and that’s because it’s not something that I’m passionately fond of. I’m finding more uses for it but to call me a Facebook “guru” (or anything even close to that) would be an outright lie – I’m just not a huge user of it, but maybe some day.

There are some that will dogmatically claim that it’s a be-all end-all solution and if you’re not on it then you’re essentially a luddite but that’s not true either.

3. StumbleUpon

I use StumbleUpon because it is simply one of the largest points of traffic generation that I have and has successfully added tens of thousands of pageviews to this blog. I will Stumble my own posts but I will also occasionally stumble other people’s content as well.

I wouldn’t consider myself a super-user here but it does help “seed” the content in SU and has provided a lot of traffic.

4. Google+

I’ve begun exploring Google+ as a more consistent and powerful player in the social networking and social media landscape. I’m not entirely convinced that it’ll “replace” or “displace” any of the others as a major platform but it could be.

There is definitely value in completing your profile – in fact, some people use it for their unique personal branding page!

5. Digg

I used to love Digg but something happened a few years back and it started to seriously take a downward dip – but there’s no question that it still can help you earn a little SEO love from search engines as well as the occasional increase of a few pageviews.

To be honest I still Digg my posts in the off-chance that it’ll catch some heavy love but that has yet to happen. I’ll admit that maybe I do this out of sheer habit – but it only takes a second to pick the right category and get an additional link for SEO.

The Goal: Consistency and a bit of Luck

The truth is that all of this work, over time, can help you gain traffic, build influence, and increase engagement but it’s not going to happen every single time that you share your content.

The goal therefore is one of consistency – continue to work through your workflow and do it every single time you publish. And, over time, you’ll reap the rewards of your consistent behavior and strategy. Occasionally you’ll hit it big and you’ll feel great but 9 out of 10 posts (or even more) don’t have that type of virality with social sharing.

Keep working at it and fine-tuning your process. You may even opt to focus on one or two networks instead of spreading yourself across too many. The choice is yours. Some say go “deep” while others say go “wide” with your approach – I’ve found both to work, so choose your poison!

And good luck!