Sour Patch Kids

I love Sour Patch Kids candy. They are the best sugary food that you can stuff in your face – the more the merrier.

In fact, I had perfect teeth (no cavities) until I discovered them – soon after I needed to literally replace my teeth because of them.

Anyways, I thought you should know, just in case you ever wanted to send me something to nom-nom on. And yes, I think the commercials are amazing!

[tentblogger-youtube GB9yGZKoTjg]

[tentblogger-youtube DJlDBmoD3pw]

[tentblogger-youtube 2zrS0JorZ3s]

[tentblogger-youtube 2ZzZwv5_cFc]

[tentblogger-youtube fzUZYyEOZ4s]

[tentblogger-youtube X66wL176ttc]

[tentblogger-youtube GvORLizgsbE]

[tentblogger-youtube Pw68UzC5KNk]

[tentblogger-youtube wRrMq53jl3M]

Have a good one!