I'm passionate about what I do - can I share that passion with your audience?

I’m passionate about what I do – can I share that passion with your audience?

One consistent challenge that my own mentors and coaches give me every year is to say “Yes” to a few public speaking opportunities as I am able. This has historically stretched me greatly and has helped me become a much better communicator, in all forms, as a result.

Consequently, I’m interested in hearing about your event and if I can provide value for you and your team! I’ve spoken in front of small and intimate audiences to large multi-day events.

What You Can Expect:

  1. Prompt replies to your inquiry as well as ironing out logistics for the event.
  2. A strategic discussion on how best to tailor the content for your audience.
  3. An announcement about your event and my participation on all my social media channels including a blog post (or two).
  4. An authentic presentation based on our tailored content.

Requested Topics:

Here are a few typical topics that I have covered in the past:

  1. Crafting Lasting Influence in a Digital World
  2. From Concepts to Market – Making Ideas Happen
  3. The Art and Science of Execution (Getting Sh*t Done)
  4. Your Important Role in the Social Web (and How You’re Doing it Wrong)
  5. 10+ Years of Blogging: Lessons Learned from Digital Publishing
  6. Finding Opportunity in the Ordinary: Experiences of My Bootstrapped Startups
  7. The Elements of Building a Legit Online Business
  8. Team First: How Great Teams Build Great Products & Companies
  9. How to Create a Compelling Online Personal Brand
  10. Open Source is the New Enterprise Software Solution
  11. Managing the Tension Between Work and Family

I’d love to chat with you if you about your upcoming event! Connect directly with me here: me [at] john [dot] do

Where I’m Scheduled to Be:

I’m not a professional communicator so I’m not traveling every month to multiple places but I have enough to at least give you an idea if I’m generally available for your event.

So here are some upcoming events:

Hope to see you there!