Giveaway: Standard Theme v2.6 Released!

Not only did Standard Theme get a significant update to it’s core code (v2.6) but we revealed a new landing page that brings some serious shine to our swagger (HT: @alliswell for the design)!

Included in this release were native support for Post Formats, improvements to SEO, and an upgrade kit for those that have made changes to their existing install! Take a look at all the updates right here.

If you’re a current Standard Theme user then you rock! Thanks so much for your support! As you know it’s the only WordPress Theme that I’d use for my professional needs as a blogger!

And, make sure that you’re a Support License holder since you’re going to want to take advantage of all the updates FOR LIFE!

Want a Copy for Free? Here’s Your Chance!

Yes, I’m giving away 2 Standard License copies of the best blogging theme for WordPress!

All you have to do is:

  1. Comment on this post telling me what blog you’d use the theme on…
  2. Tweet this post for another chance to enter…
  3. Subscribe to this blog and email me the secret code in the footer for another chance…!

3 submissions possible for each person?!? Yup.

Go go go!


Thanks so much to those who participated! I’ve had an overwhelming response and it was tough to choose 2 winners! Thankfully a random generator can take the blame instead of me!

  • Lacey Wilcox
  • Scott (Sous Chef Jesus)

Winners, please email with a link to this post and we’ll get you a copy!

Thanks so much and I’ll definitely be having more of these!

  • Jeremy Myers

    Don’t enter me in the drawing since I already own and use the Standard Theme. However, I bought the standard license. I can upgrade to the support license, right?

    • Jeremy Myers

      I should have checked the Standard Theme page before posting that comment. Sorry. The upgrade link is right there. Thanks!

      • Jeremy Myers

        License Upgrade purchased.

    • John Saddington

      cause you’re awesome! yes, you can always upgrade… and you’re definitely going to want to… the updates in 2.6 are worth the price alone……..

      and, when we release 3.0… wow… it’s going to blow your mind!

      Tom, our architect, is a friggin’ genius.

    • Gabe Smith

      Is this the same Jeremy Myers who I went to DTS with?

      • Jeremy Myers

        Hey Gabe! Sure is. Wow. Who knew we would reconnect here at Tentblogger. It looks like John Saddington is becoming a regular Mark Zuckerberg. I’ll come say hi on your blog.

        • Gabe Smoth

          He sure is! It’ll be good to reconnect!

        • John Saddington

          jeremy… did i miss the fact that you went to DTS? what degree and when?

          wow… i’ve got 4 classes this summer in dallas!

          • Jeremy Myers

            Yes, I graduated with a Th.M. in 2008. What classes are you taking and from whom?

            • John Saddington

              I’m working on my MACE/MABS dual-degree… i’ve literally got… about 21 hours left. I’m going to know out 7 or 8 this summer, 3 in the fall… maybe 6 in the winter and then a few in spring/summer/fall of 2012 so i can graduate in the fall of ’12….

              it’ll be 7 years… wow!

              • Jeremy Myers

                Taking it nice and slow is probably best. I went the other way and almost destroyed my marriage and family. I completed the Th.M. in three years while working full time. I didn’t sleep much and rarely saw my wife and kids. Those three years are one big blur.

                I see you worked with Northpoint? I went all the way through the application process to be one of their church planters, and then turned down an invitation from them. I still wonder if was a wise move. Oh well…

  • Micah

    I’m currently starting/running a standard 2.0 site over at . Looking to do much more with it and would love to see what 2.6 has to offer.

  • Combsy

    When I saw this give away i knew I had to jump on the chance. Ive been wanting to use standard theme on my blog ever since the start. thanks for the opportunity!

  • Ken McGarity

    We exist to provide a resource hub and educational platform to put an end to the sex trafficking , pornography and sexual exploitation industries.

    We believe that raising awareness and providing avenues for concerned activists to engage this problem will result in the rescue of real lives and the transformation of real hearts.

    Wow! This would be such a blessing. I actually wanted to use standard theme when I launched this platform but didn’t have the funds and had to go with a freebie.

    Love your work and thanks for the opportunity.


  • David Phillips

    I would use it on my blog, and my wife’s blog

  • ThatGuyKC

    I am already the proud owner of a Support License, but I tweeted anyway for my blogging buddy.

    This is awesome! I love Standard Theme!

  • Brandon

    Awesome! I would use this theme on my blog:

  • Kelly

    That’d be great! I’d definitely use it in a relaunch of my blog

  • Jonathan Griffiths

    Wow! Cool! I’d use it on my Reflective Musings blog.

  • jeremysecrest

    I would use it on my new blog.

  • Aaron Armstrong

    Nice! I’d use it on Standard Theme is a great product from all I’ve seen :)

  • Paul Luna

    I would love to use Standard Theme on my blog. I was just looking at upgrading my online pastor website. Thank you for doing this.

  • Justin Dean
  • Phil Schneider

    I’d use it for my blog (Romans 1520).

  • Brandon

    By the way, what’s the email to send it to?

  • Tyler Braun

    I’d use this on my person blog //

    What’s your email John?

    • Justin Dean

      Ditto… what email do we send the code to?

    • Loren Pinilis

      Tyler and Justin,
      After commenting one time, I got a “Thank You” Email from

    • @delton70

      You can use, I think.

  • Chris

    Cool! I’d use it on

  • Jason Hardin

    Been thinking about purchasing for a while. Excited about the upgrade. I’d use it at


  • Cintia

    I’d use it on my own blog, I need a change asap!

  • Antwuan Malone

    I want in! I would us it for my a podcast spinoff of my current site. Either that or id convert the one I have.

  • Pablo Lara H

    For a clients!

  • Tracy Mazelin

    Awesome! I’ve been eying up this theme for quite some time!

    I would use it for It’s going to be a blog about web design and ministry. I’m a web designer on staff at two churches and recently launched my own business. I’m currently learning javascript and html5 and would like to share what I’m learning for other newbies along with thoughts on ministry and technology.

    The theme already blends well with my existing site so I would just love to win a copy. Thanks for your excellent work on it.

  • Ethan

    Nice! I’d use it on my personal blog at!

  • Paul Luna

    Here is the tweet.!/PaulLuna/status/50980778926030848

    I subscribed with mail chimp, but I do not see a number at in the footer. I also subscribed to the post, but it just takes me to “Thanks for Commenting!” I must be missing something.

  • Craig Allen

    I’d love to upgrade at

  • Kelly

    I’d use the standard plan as the theme for when I relaunch

  • Dustin W. Stout

    Just giving away the BEST CODED theme EVER?! Thats crazier that a hat full of angry Tasmanian devils.

  • Michael Borgstede

    I don’t use WordPress yet but I would love to redo our church website (I am the Associate Pastor) and have looked at Standard Theme as well to build a great church site.
    Here is hoping for a win!
    Pastor Mike

  • Brent
  • adam hood

    I’d use it for a new ministry marketing (outreach) firm we’re dreaming up. It’s going to be COOL..

  • Ryan Egan (I am an Offering)

    Ooh….nice. I would LOVE to use this on In fact, I’m trying to find a way to purchase the support license anyway so this would be a fantastic blessing for me. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • Ryan Egan (I am an Offering)

      Just realized it’s a standard license copy but I would definitely take it anyway! :-)

  • Scott Lowder

    Would totally use it for my blog. Just getting started, but would love to start with the best!

  • Jared M

    So happy with what I’ve seen done with Standard Theme and would love to be a part of that community. Not there financially yet, so a free copy would rock my face off.

    • Jared M

      I tweeted it as well. I just quoted your link with my own comments.
      And the blog I would use it on is (which is the one linked to with my gravatar)

  • Loren Pinilis

    I’d use the theme on my blog, “Life of a Steward”. It’s about Time Management from a Christian Perspective.

  • Scott

    Man, I’m dying to get the Standard Theme but haven’t been able to work it in our budget yet. My wife and I are set to launch our new food and culture blog Sous Chef Jesus, and I’ve gone through hundreds of templates. Getting Standard would put us over the top.

    Love the blog, by the way. It’s been a huge help.

  • WebMama

    I would use theme for my blog about blogging for moms.

    And my tweet:

  • Daniel Milner

    I’d use it for my wife’s discipleship blog.

    Strengthening The Chain – Leaders connecting with teens to change their life, their church, their community, and their world.

  • Brent

    You know what.. i’d use this on my 4+ year old advertising blog –

    Why? Easy, because i haven’t changed the theme in about a year and a half, it’s not a custom theme because when i first installed it I was WAY over-worked at the ad agency i was employed at (which was ironically in atlanta), and now that I have the spare time and a laundry list of ideas, features + even a rough wireframe, the standard theme would make incorporating my functions a whole lot easier not to mention cut my development time down substantially.

    (and if it helps, lets not forget i’ve gotten a few clients to use your standard theme as a base for their own corporate blogs).. :P

  • Jon Manna

    i would use it for my church’s youth site,

  • Carl Franzon

    I would use Standard Theme as a restart to my current blog: which I am intending to restart with a new title. I am creating a focus for the new blog and need a new title that better reflects that focus.

  • Joe Burnham

    I’m getting ready to launch a new site to help people successfully move through difficult life transitions … that’s where I’d be using it.

  • Tim

    We’re working on updating our church’s website and we’re transitioning over to WordPress. I would love to use it on our church site. (and to be honest, we probably will even if I don’t win.)

  • Will Taylor

    I’m working with and we’re looking at moving to a self hosted blog and setting up a cartoon politics site in the same vein. We’ve talked about starting this with the “make $1 in the first year challenge”

    I also run a personal blog my journey through missional communities. My front page feels really too complicated and this would be an awesome way to sort it out.

  • Lacey Wilcox

    I’d definitely use it on the blog I’m about to launch about life in our new city: restaurants, things to do, where to shop, etc.
    But I just did another look thru the comments, and I really hope the guy at gets it!!

  • Jon Owen

    I would use Standard on The Creative Bridge blog is about exchanging creative ideas to bridge a gap to better worship, community, mission and discipleship. In other words, I NEED standard to make my blog look good for a good cause. :)

  • Tony Alicea

    I’ve been holding out forever on getting Standard Theme. If I won, I would KNOW that it’s finally time to step my game up. I would use it on my blog:

  • David

    Hi, Great competition, good luck to everyone. I’m in the process of converting our back garden to a (very) small holding, our own vegetable plots, some chickens, pygmy goats and some pigs (if the kids get their way). Would be great to blog about the process and what happens once we get things up and running.

  • Andy Mackay

    Fantastic idea for a competition.

    I’d probably use it to upgrade the Standard theme we use for

  • James Blackman

    I’d use this theme to build a blog for my church men’s ministry and a personal blog (still in the planning stages).

  • Kent Weber

    Cool, we’d use it for the relaunch of my wife’s blog, coming April 1. She’s a Thomas Nelson author with a new book, “Surprised by Oxford” that will be released shortly.

  • Ashley Pichea

    I just moved to WP, and I’d love to use Standard Theme on my business blog (coming soon!!), providing social media management for ministry organizations.

  • Chris Piekarz

    I’d use the Standard Theme on my Food Has Roots blog,

  • Andrew (WPCoder)

    I’m going to consider using it for my church website at Merrylands Anglican

  • Ben Brandt

    I have been looking into Standard theme for weeks and have been waiting for the money to buy it! I’m so stoked to eventually use it on

  • Steve Stowe

    I would use it on my new blog – God Dialogues

  • Ben Brandt

    I’ve been looking at Standard Theme for weeks and would love to use it on

  • Toby

    I’ll be buying the support license here soon to upgrade from my 2.0 :D. If I win, I’ll donate it :-).

  • Neal Hopps

    I would use it on my personal blog I’m just getting started and would love an opportunity to use the standard theme on my blog. It’s the coolest thing I’ve seen yet. If I don’t win, it’s just a matter of time until I get it. Plus my birthday is in a week and it would make the perfect gift!

    Thanks for all the awesome content!!

  • Justin Baker

    Hey! I’d love to use Standard Theme for a site I’m trying to get started. I am getting way too frustrated with Tumblr’s limitations.

  • Kevin Martineau

    I would love to have the standard theme on my new wordpress blog :)

  • Diane H

    I would love to switch to and use this giveaway gift as the start of my new blog!! Pick ME!! I need the motivation to pull the plug on blogger!!!!

  • Diane H
  • Samuel

    I’m looking to use Standard Theme on It’s in need of a refresh as I have a lot of new content to post. Winning a license would be great :^)

  • Nick Waters

    I would use the Standard Theme for

  • Brad Blackman

    Digging the new landing page and the giant MacBook “S” key.

  • Ben

    I’d help Keith, or some other friends migrate from blogger or typewhateveritscalled, to wordpress and help them build their blogs on this theme.

  • @delton70

    the standard theme in new release
    with SEO to entice and please
    a contest to behoove us all
    we’ll share a comment that names our blog

    i tend to write in poetic form
    so i figured that it would do no harm
    to bring my style to my comment here
    and remind tentblogger of what i hold dear

    i’ll make my move from .com to .org
    to keep my readers from being bored
    my optimized blog will draw readers new
    who will desperately want their standard theme too

    as you’re deciding which comment will win
    remember all that we have in common, my friend
    that as a DTS student my resources are low
    so give me the theme, and i’ll thank you… fo’ sho’!

    • Ben

      Oh dude, this is money. Should I win I will give it to you :)

      • @delton70

        Dude, you are kind! I’m cracking up that my comment posted right after yours. It’s almost like you read my tweet! Hilarious!

    • @delton70

      Here’s my tweet: Get @standardtheme! – Post a comment and u could win it for free. If u already have it, u could give it to me. ;)

      • Ben

        LOL, rad.

  • Justin

    AWESOME! I would use it on for sheeeeeeeeezy!

  • Donald Borsch Jr

    Sweet! I would so use it on The Fatherhood of God {dot} Org!

    All the cool kids I follow online have it as their standard. I reckon it’s high time for me to get with the program! However, since I am cheap, I would rather win it from you, John. Yes. It’s true.

  • Jamie

    I was referred to your blog by a friend and LOVE it. My site is slowly on its way to being running because of your blog series. Thank you!

    I would love to further my success by getting the Standard theme. It would be used for my (now) personal blog that might (later) become a professional blog!

  • Seth Rowoldt

    Hey man love your blog here and all the church crunch stuff as well on 8bit!
    Anyhow trying to get my music more on the web, so I’d use your theme to do that! (working on that new blog now…) plus using all the other tips you give us…it should be able to be the BESTEST blog on the entire internet! lol

    But seriously thanks for all your hard work and the info you post!

  • Karin

    I would use it on my personal blog and use it for my business website
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Patrick Thunstrom

    There are a number of blogs I’d love to use Standard theme on, but my first one would be a personal blog I plan on starting sometime soon.

  • Yohan Perera
  • Drew C David


    It should be a crime to make such an offer when Europe is sleeping. I am surprised I didn’t wake up in a panic with the news of a Standard Theme Giveaway lurking over the Atlantic.

    Providing me with the Standard Theme so that I could take to the next level could be the very thing needed to pardon this crime and give Europe a sound sleep.

  • R

    I’d use it on Truth Map.

    Thanks, you guys, for ever pressing forward! Onward!

  • Jared Dees

    Wow, what a great collection of blogs all in itself! Someone just recommended the Standard Theme and I’ve been comparing it to some other premium themes that are out there. I would use it at

  • David (Strive for Maturity)

    I would use it at Strive for Maturity.

  • John

    I’d use it at and upgrade because I was lame and didn’t pay for the support.

  • dumazz

    If I will be of template in possession of it I will open it new blog about social issues, of motivation.!/warstwydotcom/status/51261384184430592

  • Asmita

    I would use it in my which is under construction.!/WPThemeInfo/status/51262207748612096

  • Jerry Webb

    Sweet release! I would use it for my new blog…

  • Dilip

    i will use this theme on I’ve shared this page on twitter and I’ve already subscribed your blog :) liked this blog in Facebook will mail you the giveaway code to your email

  • Lincoln Parks

    I just totally fell in love with this theme and want to use it on my personal blog. Its the only blog I have right now, and would love to get this new version. I think its freaking awesome!!!

  • Aaron Sellars

    I’d love it and use it on my personal blog.

  • April

    So cool! I would love to use this theme!

  • Carson Samson


    I’d love to apply it to I’m moving it to a new domain and a redesign is in order.


  • chris vonada

    I’m just thinkin’ I would use it at (that’s “I’m Just Thinkin’)

    Thanks Jon :)

  • Dusty Rayburn

    I would use it on

  • @jakemusselman

    I love this theme! And I want to use it on two blogs I am preparing to launch (June 2011 and Sept. 2011). One will be a blog discussing new paradigms of church structure/leadership/ministry. And one will be a blog to share our story of a new journey my family is starting, and invite others to share their journeys also.

    SO PICK ME! (even though I realize neither of those blogs is running yet, what a great way to start)

  • Karen Barnes

    I’d use it on my personal blog. I have purchased a domain, but haven’t done any of the upgrading yet to move it over.

  • karan

    I have two sites to run, one is money making blog and second is tech blog, i would like to use this theme on one of these two sites. I was looking for some good theme and this theme is perfect.

  • karan
  • karan

    Subscribed to your blog. Also sent the secret code via email.

    Following you on twitter and facebook.

    thanks for the giveaway.

  • Jeremy Myers

    I don’t understand the six new format options in Version 2.6 (Standard, Aside, Video, Image, Link, Quote). I made a post for each, and aside from the little icon in the corner and a few styling changes, couldn’t understand why these would be helpful in a blog.

    Could you do a post explaining what these are for?

    • Tom McFarlin

      Post Formats are new to WordPress 3.1 (you can read more here).

      They’re typically good for small posts or specific types of content, but obviously aren’t required for use.

      Plus, we’re one of the very first premium themes to include them….;)

      • Jared Erickson

        if you are feeling “CRAZYYYYY” you can also do more customization to each format.. so you can use them how they fit best on your blog

      • Jeremy Myers

        Thanks for the link. I read up on them, and I just can’t see using these for the way I currently blog. So either they will be a nice but useless feature for me, or my blogging will evolve.

        Either way, thanks for the info.

    • sai

      I copy this from a blog

      “A Post Format is a formatting designation made to a post …. The important thing to note about Post Formats is that they are going to be a standardized convention.”

      Standardized and fast easy blogging like Tumblr is the main advantage of custom format. Just my 0.2 cents.

  • Rodney Olsen

    I’d use it for my main blog –

  • Peter P

    I’d give it away to a worthy customer, when one came along

  • Apple

    I would use it for IAMCHEFAPPLE.COM

  • Jonathan Woodward

    I would LOVE to get this theme… been wanting to for quite a while now…

    I would use it for my personal domain, I want to transfer that into a professional looking site that will showcase the book I have recently written and also have links to my blog ( I would also use it for my blog.

  • Ben Trolese

    I’d love to have Standard Theme! I would use it for a Spanish Christian leadership blog I will be launching in a couple of months at Please… por favor! :)

  • Tyler Wiggains

    Hey, John. I’ve been following your blog for several months now. LOVE IT. I’m currently a high school band director, but I’m also a composer and arranger that’s wanting to create a website as a hub to help out other band directors in small schools with limited resources (much like you’re writing posts on how to create a kickin’ wordpress blog, only mine would be how to run and maintain a kickin’ band program). I’ve got the domain, the host, the ideas, the map of the site, …just not the theme that will make it all happen. When I came across your theme, I knew it was perfect and would allow me to grow as the ideas fill out. I’d love to get the theme so I can get this thing up and going!

  • sai

    The custom post type is very confusing.
    I hope you can write something about it very soon.

    What if i have a very short post with 1 photo and about 100 words only. Something like a short news with photo, eg. A simple food post, 1 image with the short food description, the shop location, operating hours, rating etc. Just a few lines of text with a photo.

    Should i use the traditional post or the new custom post type ?
    What about the label and category for the post ?

    • Tom McFarlin

      Hey Sai,

      I saw your comment on the State of the 8BIT and we’ll have a post about this coming soon.

      • sai

        Thanks your the follow up. The $99 support license is worth every penny. I suggest you guys to upgrade asap, they have the best support and fastest upgrade on earth.

        I learn that there is 2 things, one is custom post type, another is custom format. The custom format is more useful to a personal blogger, such as the image, video, audio, just like tumblr. The custom post type seems more complicated, and i don’t know how to do it. Will wait for the new article for further discuss. Thanks

  • Matt O’Toole

    Hi John,

    After reviewing ease of use, SEO quality, and features, I’d love to have Standard Theme for the Virginia Bicycling Federation website. We’re a non-profit devoted to bike advocacy in Virginia. We have no paid staff, so our website has to be maintained by volunteers, perhaps with little or no technical skills. I am leaving the organization soon and I need to leave my colleagues with something simpler and easier to understand. The theme I’m using now is excellent and very well supported, but Standard is much simpler and easier to understand, and the documentation is much better organized.

    It goes without saying that we’re strapped for cash and could use a freebie!

    I’m more than happy to do a blog post about making the switch, and how Standard Theme can work well for small non-profit and community organizations. BTW your Get Started series is a great resource for these folks too!

  • Afrim Karoshi

    John, I would use this great theme on Campus Crusade for Christ’s evangelistic website in Albania… Thanks!

  • Kuzmanov

    Since I’m founder and leader of the WordPress Macedonian Community I would give it away to the luckiest WordPress user in my country. Thanks.