I had an opportunity to spend a few moments with Jared Easley on his Starve the Doubts podcast.

For some reason I shared some of my epic “secrets” to productivity as they relate to Katy Perry, 120BPM songs, and other such nonsense.


No, seriously, I shared some neat thoughts about the backstory of Pressgram and some of the challenges that I encountered along the way. As his podcast is all about “overcoming obstacles” this interview is chalk-full of them.

Thanks Jared for the interview and Ryan Rhoten for getting us connected!

  • Zoe

    John, I always really enjoy listening to your interviews, including this one. Every time I listen to you telling the backstory of Pressgram just makes me appreciate all your hard work and time you’ve committed to it even more. I think others listening to your interview will feel the same way. While I’ve not done anything close to developing an app, what you talk about – it being personal and having a lot of emotional attachment, etc., I – and everyone else who has experience with this – can relate to from working on my own personal, creative projects. Your words are inspiring and what you’ve done is inspiring.

    • http://John.do/ John Saddington

      thanks zoe! i appreciate your help with building this amazing community! that’s a really big deal for me!

  • Demian Seiler

    Just finished listening to the interview. Good stuff as usual. I do appreciate the comments about idle hands…

    • http://John.do/ John Saddington


  • http://www.eldonyoder.com/ Eldon Yoder

    Finally had time to listen to this interview… Just wanted to say thanks for sharing! Really great advice as always.

    Especially appreciated the “get busy doing something” bit…

    Keep on rocking the boat…

    • http://John.do/ John Saddington

      thanks so much friend!

  • Mark Sheldon

    This is the first time I’ve heard you interviewed John. Very inspiring and a great example of how hard work pays off – Thank you :)

    • http://John.do/ John Saddington

      thanks mark! is there anything i can do for you?

  • Jared Easley

    Thank you John. I really enjoyed getting the opportunity to speak with you. Best wishes to you, your family & the Pressgram team :)

    • http://John.do/ John Saddington

      Thanks Jared!