Coworking in Atlanta: Strongbox West

I had the pleasure of spending some time at Strongbox West, another coworking spot in Atlanta located just northwest of downtown, about 7 miles from my home in Candler Park.

A stand-alone building I was instantly greeted by a waving pirate flag and a spot reserved for the “SBW Mayor” – I quickly steered clear as to not upset the person who’s the mayor and parked in the back where there was some cozy parking.

Snapped a few pictures and walked to the front and run the bell to get in. It’s locked 24/7 so no sneakiness! Another guest opened the door and I was able to hang out in the lobby as I waited for Amy, one of the co-founders, to give me a tour. Not a bad setup and very simple decor!

There are private offices and meeting areas for individuals and teams as well as dedicated semi-private spots for teams as well. The pricing is tiered but very simple to understand – it would make a great spot for the budding startup team to even more established (and profitable?) teams as well:

The open floor plan is welcome and they’ve got some an open kitchen and eating area in the back.

Overall I really liked this space – it’s well-lit, in a great part of town, and looks to be already very active and full of busy and productive people – my type of spot! I used one of the meeting areas for a very important meeting and it was quiet and comfortable.

I even went to the Starbucks down the road and hit up the Arby’s for lunch. Great options for eating, by the way.

Of course I had to test the internet speed so I immediately sat down quickly, jumped online, did a quick SpeedTest and checked the bandwidth – not too bad but I wonder how slow it might get with a full house.

It never did provide a challenge but I can imagine for some businesses piping in and out some data that this could be a difficultly at times, especially with everyone on it.

Otherwise the experience was great. I was happy to visit and pretty sure that I’ll be back at some point. The worst thing about the entire experience was that my car got completely hammered by bird poo in the back – just check out the windshield of my car!


Every other inch has some “fun” left behind – ugh!

It is what it is, right? Sigh.

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  • Joanne

    Love the open industrial look of the place. Reminds me of restaurants in Canton, a neighborhood in Baltimore city.

  • Celia Dyer

    Strongbox West is a wonderful co-working space. Sometimes, the owners’ dog is there, a big retriever of some sort. We filmed Paul Stamatiou’s (@Stammy) going away party at Strongbox when he moved to San Francisco a couple of years ago. Not sure what the business next door is, but rapper TI was outside with his black Ferrari and waved to us. Hope no droppings got on his ride :-)

    • Ben Terry

      TI. Black Ferrari. And TI waved at you.

      Sounds like a good enough reason to hang out in that area and get some work done.

    • Dustin

      Yup, I’m sold. That’s where I’ll be co-working if I’m ever in Atlanta looking for a place to co-work.

  • Miranda Ochocki

    We have a similar type of place in Sioux Falls, SD called E-Suites ( Just a little place with a few “offices,” a meeting room, and a general lounge area. It’s nice if you don’t need a lot of space.

    I love the place you’ve featured here. Seems almost like a library meets a coffeehouse. The design is fabulous for us creatives who hate working in a white-walled box. Thanks for sharing this – cool to see what other cities have!

  • Dustin

    I really like the look of that place. I’d totally co-work there.

  • Caleb Phelps

    I’ll be honest, I had no idea places like this existed. This seems like a magical hub of creativity where at any moment a unicorn could run through the place followed by a merry band of leprechauns.

    Now, that comment out of the way.

    This is a great post! Thanks for the pictures!

    • Dustin

      If that happened, I would permanently set up shop in that place! lol

    • John Saddington

      there are leprechauns i believe…