Success Looks Like…

I’ve encountered a lot of “success models” over the years and I have found that the vast majority are extremely lacking in terms of both practicality and reality. I’ve been pitched even more that have guaranteed that success will occur if only a few things are in place – like a verifiable ingredient list for baking an apple pie.

Success is never guaranteed and it certainly doesn’t look like what many report it to be. I often wonder if those that have apparently reached “success” actually see it for what it truly is.

One thing for sure is the fact that everyone that I’ve interfaced with works extremely hard. Sure, they work “smarter” but they still work hard at it, refining their techniques, honing their craft, and pushing through the daily spells of being tired and opting to “jump back in” when they really don’t feel like it.

Those that truly further and advance their careers take one less “smoke break,” watch one less Youtube video, turn off the sitcoms and video games, read one less RSS feed, and instead pour that energy back into their labor. They do not work in vain – they see the fruit and they know it’s coming, just not right now.

There are people who coach others out of the “doldrums” of life – I am encouraged and inspired by those people, especially since I am not that type of “coach.” I coach people who are driven, passionate, and who are able to help themselves but who need a bit of direction and guidance converting their interests into a program of sustainability.

I love accelerating people and the subsequent organizations that they are a part of. I love to help orient and coach them to pursue their dreams with a bit more clarity and give them the tools and confidence that they need.

I also remind them, very explicitly at times, that it’s a lot of work. That’s the only formula for success that I’m aware of.