10 Reasons Why Blogging is Like Tetris, Really.

I believe that the image to the right is one of the best visual depictions of what it’s like to be a blogger, day-in and day-out, and here’s why from my admittedly limited perspective:

  1. I am challenged every single day to create content that is both stimulating, entertaining, and practically very helpful. Even as I hit “Publish” I know that the post could have been better.
  2. I just started this blog barely 2 months ago and yet I already know that there are a few things that I could have done better or more strategically; even a few opportunities that I’ve missed.
  3. I spend a large portion of my day in “Planning Mode” and it has never gone according to that plan. There is always a tension between Planning and Execution.
  4. I feel perpetually limited by the amount of time I have to write, the tools that I use and depend on, and the team that supports me. This is not a criticism about the the tools or my team but rather an honest perspective of the chasm that exists between what I want to accomplish and what I actually accomplish.
  5. Even though mistakes are part of the process and are some of the best ways to grow as a blogger I still am not happy when they happen!
  6. Planning (and praying) for the “Big Wins” has never worked out very well. It’s always been more of a “heads down, work hard” approach, line by line, piece by piece.
  7. You can never really “Win” at Tetris. The same goes for blogging.
  8. With time you get better and the game gets faster; that doesn’t mean it gets easier, in fact, just the opposite!
  9. Although you can always “Restart” the game, so to speak, you’ll never get a reasonable and worthy “High Score” unless you stick with it in the long run.
  10. Even though I might struggle and “lose,” I still want to play. It’s fascinating how a game that you can never win still lures us to play it repetitively!

And that, my friends, is my why blogging is seriously like Tetris.

Game Over.