The Digital Business Card WordPress Theme


I’m proud to present The Digital Business Card WordPress Theme for public release and download!

Want a copy? Read more about the release, look at some nice screen caps, and download after the jump…

Let’s Keep it Simple…

This theme release was originally a design project customized theme project for a client who was actually willing to give it away to the community after we finished! Seriously, what a nice guy.

Obviously inspired by sites like and Tim Van Damme, this theme is perfect for those that need a good “Digital Business Card” or “Digital Curriculum Vitae” or “Personal Branding Landing Page” or even if you simply need a simple website with a few bits of information and links to social networks.

As you can see there are 15 social networks built in (and 50+ more included as alternatives that you can add if you’d like):


With some sleek-sliding jQuery-action, some very sexy social networking icons courtesy of Komodo Media, and an easy to use control panel you’ll be up and running with the quickness!

Check it out:


Demo and Download

Want to see it in action? Check out this live demo here.

Ready to download this thing? Click here to get your copy.

Updated! Made some small changes, download here!

Version 2 has been released, WordPress 3.0 compatible and fixed a few “bugs” that caused images to not load properly!

You can also get free non-WordPress branding / landing pages right here!

You (like many others) will probably want to get a new domain name for your Digital Business Card, so if you’re in the market for a new host, I’ve got a cool promo here for cheap!

Love to hear your thoughts and let me know if you’re using it! And don’t forget that I have another “Personal Branding WordPress Theme” here called Ipseity!


Need a World Class Blogging Theme?

If you haven’t checked out Standard Theme then you’re missing out. It’s the best blogging theme for WordPress out there!

  • WayneCordova

    Stoked about trying this. Now I just need to decide if I want to get a new url or create a sub-domain. What would go well with ? Any thoughts?

    • human3rror

      if you're going to be sharing it with a lot of people I'd probably do another domain…

      • Arihant

        how much money for making the url as same as my name ?

  • Mitesh

    Hey Guys, the original visiting card theme from looks lot better than this.

    You should have atleast provided credit to them.

    • human3rror

      obviously you didn't read the blog post where it was a custom dev off that version… take another look?

    • human3rror

      and it's licensed under GPL.

    • klreed189

      I don't know man. This is a lot better than that and you are forgetting something…this one is free. So stop complaining and writing meaningless comments.

    • Suniil

      this one is for free….
      the site which u said is charging for themes !

  • Josh Wagner

    Looks great! Downloading now… :)

    • human3rror


  • @hdbbstephen

    This is nice. Simple and clean, I like it. Gives me some ideas for URLs too…

    • human3rror

      cool, have fun with it.

  • klreed189

    Thanks John, I have been wanting to do something different with my design webspace for a little while and this is the tool.
    Thanks man really appreciate it.

    • human3rror


      word up!

  • Kevin Paquet

    This theme is awesome. I won't be using it, but it looks awesome. I wish I could use it on, but .TEL domains can't be hosted outside the given servers where it'll display the same boring page for all .TEL domains.

    • human3rror


  • Mark Henderson

    I like…. Great job John! Great concept.

  • Chris

    Very slick!

    For people who are thinking about different domains, you could set this as a subdomain – for example if your blog is running at you could use to run this as a separate profile space.

    • human3rror

      thanks for that!

  • Phil

    I didn't d/l it yet but can I add more pages to the nav bar??? Thanks for a simple theme…

    • human3rror

      you could definitely do that.

      • Gary

        How exactly do you do that?

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  • brent(inWorship)

    Sweet! Got it downloaded at

    One question, Can the contact page be the default when accessing the site, instead of the profile page?

    • Jim

      dude…that is awesome!

      • brent(inWorship)

        Thanks Jim!

        • Jim

          gotta support my local homies!

  • Jim

    John, I love this, i just need to figure out what to do for a url name…Jim Gray is taken…i own and…anyone have any good ideas for me?

    • human3rror

      hmm. you could always do the subdomina.

      • Jim

        That's what I was thinking…an extension of beaconhillnw Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
        From: IntenseDebate Notifications

  • marcbenton

    Thanks for a great theme John (and your generous client as well). I've stood up a quick version at . Yes, I did use a unique URL for it.

    You mentioned in the write-up that there were 50+ more alternative sites that could be included. Any way to access them or am I just not seeing it?

    • human3rror

      there's a little code involved, but i included in the theme the full run of profile icons by komodo…

      • marcbenton

        Thanks, I'll look and see if I can figure out the code. I'd like to link to my photography profiles on sites such as DPChallenge, SmugMug and Model Mayhem. This also means I'd need to create new icons for these sites since they are not included in Komodo's collection.

        • human3rror

          probably. you can always add your own… ;)

    • Jonathan

      The link to you blog is defective. It comes up as "http://"

      Just thought I'd let you know!


      • human3rror

        whoops. yeah. i fixed that on the theme for download but not on my own…

  • brent(inWorship)

    John, I noticed one thing. Under Theme options/contact info. The blog address bar says to use http:// but when I do this, it doubles the http:// up and makes the page not exist. If I remove the http:// from the blog address line, it works fine. I did notice the verbage underneath that line said "include http://" but it does not need it.

    Also made some background color and icon changes.

    Love the them!

  • Ryan Burns

    John. Lovein the theme –
    I was trying to get the title tag to not display "Digital Business Card – Profile." Technically, the title tag does show the title I want, but the javascript seems to overwrite it with the message above. Since I have limited JS skills, I can't find where to modify this. Any pointers?

    Thanks for the theme!

    • human3rror

      in the footer. :)

      • Ryan Burns

        Bingo! Thanks fella.

      • Gary

        THanks. I was just wondering the same thing.

  • Ryan Burns

    Great stuff John. Trying to decide if I want to buy .me or go the subdomain route that Chris mentioned… decisions, decisions.

  • Fay

    Lovely. I've been waiting for a theme like this for a while. Awesome!

    • human3rror

      have fun with it!

  • human3rror

    yes, you can easily change that by switching the order in the in the index file.

    • brent(inWorship)


    • brent(inWorship)

      Got it changed!

      • human3rror


  • Ryan Burns

    Playing with the theme (again, love it!) and wondered how I could make the contact page the landing page. Any tips? Also, I hate asking "support/help" question on free themes, so can I get your paypal email so I can buy you a cup of coffee or something?

    • human3rror


      i'd love to demo a copy of the mac version of logos on my new 17″ macbook pro…?


      you can switch the order by simple changing the calls on the index page at the top. and that's it!


      • Ryan Burns

        DUDE! That is hot!

  • stephenbateman

    Awesome that's cool! I am loving ipseity..

  • Shane

    Great theme! Love it!!

    • human3rror


  • Wayne Cordova

    I keep trying to install the theme to a sub-domain and I keep getting this error:

    Warning: file(/home/waynecordova/ [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/waynecordova/ on line 180

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Invalid arguments passed in /home/waynecordova/ on line 180

    Not sure what to do, I'm still learning wordpress… Any help?

    • human3rror

      :) email. we'll figure it out.

      • Wayne Cordova

        You did it!! It's works great!

        • human3rror

          good looking…!

  • Jason Comely

    That is SICK! Lifestreaming is now accessible to the masses :)

    • human3rror

      :) enjoy!

  • Don Miller

    I seem to have the same problems as Wayne! Is there an easy fix for that?

    • human3rror

      I can help if you need bro. shoot me an email at

      • Don

        John, fixed the problem! This is going to be an awesome tool!

        • human3rror


  • @WayneCordova

    moved my business card to a new site!

    I love it!

  • Rhett Smith

    nice stuff man…

  • Ben

    Is there a way to add secondary static pages? I.E. a resume page and a portfolio page? Thanks.

    • human3rror

      You could definitely do that if you'd like.

  • Bryan R. Adams

    I tried, but I got "plugin doesn't have a valid header"

    • human3rror

      it's not a plugin… it's a theme.

      • Bryan R. Adams

        I don't know why I thought it was a plug-in…d'oh!

        • human3rror

          yeah… ;)

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    Turkish version:

    Thanks so much!

  • Joshua Parker

    I am really excited about this. This is such a great idea. Thanks.

    • human3rror

      sure thing!

  • @davidnilsson

    Really nice! A big mistake is the cloaking of the real title.
    On my site for example ( the title in view source is "David Nilsson" but in the browser it says "Digital business card – Profiles"…

    • human3rror

      You can change that in the footer.php.

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  • Premium Themes Directory

    Simple and clean, It looks great, i like it!

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  • Johan Wigmo

    Love your theme.
    I've tried to add a text-widget but every link I've made creates a new line. Any ideas how to avoid this?

    • human3rror

      I'd probably hard code it in there for better look and feel…

      • Johan Wigmo

        Of course! Thx!

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  • bizreviews

    This is super cool and slick!


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  • Mike Kirkeberg

    A question — Would this be available as a plugin instead of an entire theme?

    • human3rror

      Nope, this is an entire theme…

  • Taufiq Hasan

    Nice! now i can integrate a page like in my blog.. :D thank you.

  • joerg

    I’ve got that new “no valid header”!

    I can’t use it.

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  • Cristian Samoila

    Thank you for this idea, but, as pointed also by others before, I would like also to have the contact page as default. I tried to default the theme to a new page with the link to by creating a page with the following as title <a title="Contact" href="">Contact – trick that worked for normal themes in WordPress. Here it doesn't seem to work. Is there any option to default to the Contact page?

    • human3rror

      perhaps i should make an alternative layout…

      • Cristian Samoila

        Thank you, but there is no way to simply swap the pages somewhere in the theme? I have no php programming experience but maybe I'll look out in the source files and figure out a way to do that.

        • human3rror

          You could definitely do that by changing one line of code.

          • Cristian Samoila

            Thanks, I've been looking around and already figured that out.

            • Jesse

              Hi Cristian, what was the solution? I’m having the same problem here

            • Jesse

              Hi Cristian, what was the solution? I’m having the same problem here.

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  • chrys

    Clever, clean and needed. Thanks for this wondrous idea!

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  • Static

    Resembles the Visiting Card theme a lot, but loving this one too, nonetheless. :)

    • human3rror

      well, that's because it was built off of it!

  • @JordanLyall

    Thanks John. Just added the theme to my personal site:

  • Eric

    Great theme! Thanks!

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  • Justin Wright

    Awesome theme! I just redid my old website with this theme. I modded it a bit and came up with this:

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  • Saket

    nice buddy, thanks

  • lisa

    looks fantastic!!

    • human3rror


  • Graham Brenna

    I'm using it now! :)

  • George

    So, How do I update this theme in wordpress

    • human3rror

      you code it…?

      • George

        Ahhh, I uploaded it to wordpress and open the editor no way to code

        • human3rror

          perhaps your permissions are broken.

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  • richard bushnell

    how do i edit this to display the contact page first. or both pages together? if i disable javascript its *perfect* (the stars indicate a sense of urgency and desire for this other format).
    someone please help. my life depends on this change. nothing in the universe is more important (or ever will be)

    • human3rror

      you can just change one line of code in the backend. i think i answered this somewhere else in the comments…

  • George

    Okay, Do you code the theme in WordPress or in a editor. Uploaded to WordPress, but doesn't work.

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  • George

    WordPress install failed

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  • alex

    How do I add more pages to the template

    • human3rror

      have to do that manually…

  • Mike

    Awesome theme dude! Id like some advice on domains. .me are all taken and i want to start using the digital bus card rather than paper versions. I dont want to use a sub domain, does anyone have any ideas for me?

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  • Jim

    yo… you are a rockstar…

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  • Jonas

    It does´nt work in IE 8 ?

  • Soner Gönül

    How can I setup it? I can't. Please help..

    • human3rror

      you need your own copy of WP installed.

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  • Love Nyberg
    • human3rror


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  • Paul Hastings

    Ok John be proud of me, I read every single comment pertinent comment here to make sure that my question wasn't already answered. Would you be terribly offended if I removed your link in the footer? I mean, GPL vs. CC, you won't mind, right?

    I'm running it here.

    P.S. Don't worry about the people who don't seem to understand WP, it's called life, they'll figure it out. Just keep cranking out those themes, the rest of the world will love you for it. :D

    • human3rror


  • Paul Hastings

    Ok John be proud of me, I read every single comment pertinent comment here to make sure that my question wasn't already answered. Would you be terribly offended if I removed your link in the footer? I mean, GPL vs. CC, you won't mind, right?

    I'm running it here.

    P.S. Don't worry about the people who don't seem to understand WP, it's called life, they'll figure it out. Just keep cranking out those themes, the rest of the world will love you for it. :D

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  • Maximilian Georg Liebscher

    It’s simply wonderful…

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  • Adrien

    Very great theme ! Congratulations ! ;-)

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  • CathyWebSavvyPR

    Wish your business card theme was available via WordPress’s Themes directory. I’m not sure how you get one listed, but it would be cool. Nothing came up like it when you search for businesses card, or put the name of your theme in there.

  • Dave Kelly

    This is a great theme. Just what I have been looking for……Many thanks.

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  • Steffi

    Dear Theme creator,

    this theme is awesome! I have been looking for something like this for years! Is there any way to add aditional pages, for example, I would like to add a page for my curriculum vitae. thanks!

    • John

      you’re welcome!

    • John

      you could!

  • Andrés

    Thank you very much!

    I’ll make this my main theme for my personal domain name.

    Thanks again!

  • Krishna Kalyan

    Can I add another tab like Profiles and Contact.. Juz wanna add an about me paragraph.

    • John

      yes, you could try!

    • Martin Sullivan

      I did and it wasn’t to difficult to work (even without any .php experience).

      • John

        great! glad you like it.

  • Martin Sullivan

    John, most excellent theme. I haven’t the time to devote to a personal blog, so this works perfect for me.

    Having a bit of a problem with the sexybookmarks ( plugin though. I’m working with the plugin developer and he hasn’t been able to fix it yet. Wondering if you might know anything about why it wont work with this theme and what I can do to fix it? I’m trying to add the bookmarks just after “The DBC Theme” as you can see on my site. All I get are the links.

    Thanks in advance for any insight. Wish I knew .php.

    • John

      not sure. it may be a problem with this theme, but, i would have to dig in.

    • Martin Sullivan

      The plugin developer fixed the problem. Apparently the theme didn’t have in the header.php file. Might want to add it for future versions/themes. Thanks again for a great theme John.

  • wong℃

    Thank you so much!

    I made my own by your great work!

  • Mike Fook

    I love the idea… however, is it possible for me to easily edit the icons used – and the links where they go, so I can put book covers in place of the icons and url pointing to the sales page for the book?

  • Ace

    Awesome Theme! Thank you so much. I put it up for homie’s page at I’d actually love to take away the navigation as a and place the networks all on one page vertically. I don’t know how but do you mind if I mess with it? Or even better if you have time feel free to toss me some hints.

    Either way I really appreciate you developing this. THANKS!


    • John

      word up dude. enjoy! we used to dance together, you probably don’t even remember me though. ;)

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  • AR Karthick

    Really fantastic theme mate! Very easy but effective. Just skinned this beauty at: -I’ve a Q though (I’m a newbie to WP!) How to add my tumblr link to my profiles page? Thanks in advance.

    • John

      you’ll have to do this through the code or manually.

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  • Roncarrmusic

    Nice Theme. Thanks a lot.

  • Wepasa

    Great Theme. Thank u very much.

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  • Tom Kaye

    Well, I have to say, I’ve been looking at a lot of wordpress themes over the past month and yours has really caught my attention. It’s quick and easy to scan, looks fun, lots of buttons to push. . .give me a little time and I’ll think of other things to say about it. Question though, I clicked on the wordpress button and went to your named page but it didn’t link to your human3rror blog?? Reason?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to trying it. It has sparked my imagination and ignited possibilities. I’ll let you know how it works out.

    Tom Kaye

  • Ebun

    This is a wonderful theme. Simple and to the point. Thanks for taking the time to create it and share it!

    I also wanted to quickly point out to any readers who are using some Google Analytics WP Plugin, that this theme is not compatible with them. However, you can easily add your analytics account ID to the footer file using the instructions at the Analytics website.

    John, I don’t know if a lot of your theme users use GA, but any plans to integrate it into your theme?

  • SchattenMann

    great theme

    i read all the comments but i continue without understanding how i can change the pages order…

    i mean, i read a lot of times that i only need to change a line of code…but never found what line was that :P

  • menj

    Here is mine:

  • Terry Hoffman

    Great little theme! Thanks.

  • sergey911

    Sorry for the question, but I am very interested in how CMS operates a blog?

  • Brian Russell

    Really like the theme John. Nice compliment to Standard (or maybe that’s vice versa – I’ve been using Standard prior to DBC). Mine is here:

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  • Brad


    I love the digital business card theme and understand that I need a secondary domain name, however, do I need to set up a second hosting account for the business card page separate from my blog hosting?

  • business

    nice information business, i hope i can use it, good article, thank you for it

  • nsmukundan

    simple, clean and trendy as well. liked it very much.

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  • Mark Lyons

    Very nice theme, thanks for this!

  • Stephen Clark

    Could you post on your blog or somewhere how to add additional social networks to the “Profiles” page/tab? I can’t figure it out and I don’t want to trash any of the code in the theme! Thanks!

  • Mike

    Like the elegant simplicity. Really, that info is all you need.

  • Tamajong

    Looking forward to trying this! Thanks for the awesome info…keep up the good work!

  • Aaed Kayal

    I think i am going to use this Theme :) Nice guy
    Great stuff , Keep the good work

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  • Terry

    Looking forward to trying this theme out..I have a few sites which could do with a makeover and a more professional appearance..

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  • Ron Stone

    What a cool idea. This could really spread. A new 21st century business card.

  • Kent

    Nice, this is going to prove to be very useful. I’ve seen some people already using digital business cards that are designed really nicely.

  • Aline Ohannessian

    Greetings Mike!
    Just wanted to take this moment and say THANK YOU for this lovely theme!
    I’m using it for two different personal profile sites…
    One for myself (which i’m still working on launching)
    and the other my partner’s, which i managed to tweak a little :)
    Thought i’d share with you and all whom are using your fabulousness!
    Check it out

    I’m happy to help anyone needing assistance with tweaking or customizing :)

    My appreciation again!!!
    Blessed Light & L❤ve
    Aline [ArtWave]

  • Aline Ohannessian

    ooops…i called you Mike eek…so sorry i meant “John” :)
    My apologies.

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  • Jay Versluis

    Hi there,

    I’m currently putting a dedicated WordPress Hosting service together. I’d like to include DBC as a pre-installed theme, is that OK?

    Thanks ;-)

    • John

      :) sure. the theme has been updated.

  • Ray Caffrey

    Having just ordered physical cards for my business showing people how to earn money online by giving away a free software, I can now use this for all my online work.

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  • Voyance

    Very interesting! I’m not fan of version 2 but it doesn’t really mater.
    On my new site for example ( the title you can see in the DOM is “Net voyance” but I don’t know why in the browser it says : Digital business card – Profiles ?

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  • Dan

    There is a bug with this whereby if you go to the #contact panel and refresh, or even hit that panel first, then the height of the frame boarding the content is calculated prior to the photograph loading and therefore displays incorrectly. Tested in IE8, Chrome and Safari 5.

    Secondly I would question why this needs to be a wordpress theme? Surely it would be as effective, load far faster and put less load on the webserver if it was a bare html page?

    Other than that it looks visually very pleasing.

    • John

      the new version fixes this.

      • Dan

        I could replicate it with the new version whereby hitting a # page uncached would result in the height being incorrect. Anyway, after much playing I managed to get it to do what I wanted and would like to thank you for the inspiration (and a few blocks of code). I now have a love-hate relationship with jQuery.

        • Paul

          Hey, im also getting the issue with the border cutting off my picture when I change the order of the pages. Ive checked a bunch of other sites using the theme and they all do the same (Sept 2011) so I assume they are all on the newest version.

          Has anyone got a tip for this? Ive checked the JQuery and all the php pages but cant seem to find a direct ref to it (although im not brilliant with code…). Any help or just a shove in the right direction or file would be a mega help.

          Amazing site, thank you so much for your generosity.


    • John

      some people just want to use wordpress.

  • christine anderson

    would you mind to give me a hand on mine please? i posted my DigitalBusinessCard in the “public_html” on my server and i tried to access the index.php before i make my own card but all i got is a blank page (??). what’s wrong?

    this is my folder tree:

    look at this please:

    thanks a lot for your help ;)

    • John

      you have to install wordpress.

  • Jemma Elrin

    Wow, I landed the perfect solution for myself and a couple of my clients! Thanks so much this will come in handy , gonna put up my page today! Simple and wonderful looking!


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  • stephanil

    Listen. I don’t believe this. My site visitors skyrocketed to 5381 hits a day organic traffic since I began implementing this. To anyone interested go to http:// Have fun.

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  • Wayne

    Hi there, love the theme. Thanks for making it free and GPL. I’m wondering why when I add a new page, the content I add is not visible? In my example, I want to add a resume page, eg.

    Is there some code that I can edit to allow this? Thanks.

    • John

      you’ll have to add it in.

      • Wayne

        Hi John! Yes, I did add the page, but when I request the page (by typing it in manually) I just get the profiles page. Then, if I click on contact, the address bar reads

        Thank you for your help and for the prompt reply!

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  • tim

    so what’s the deal with the install? do i need to set up a whole new instance of WP and use this a the theme? i was hoping this was a plugin i could use on my existing site

    • John

      yes. it’s not a plugin. it’s a theme.

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  • Bench Saw 

    WordPress is definitely the best blogging platform, no one can beat wordpress:-~

  • Sheena

    Love the theme! Is there any way to make the Contact tab show as default instead of Profiles?

    • John

      you can, but it’ll requires some development.

  • darren

    Hey John,

    You said “As you can see there are 15 social networks built in (and 50+ more included as alternatives that you can add if you’d like):”

    I can’t find any options for additional social networks – there are icons in the /images folder, but no options in theme. Do I have to add manually in functions.php?


  • Nardiansyah

    Wow.. i just saw my friends digital business card and it’s look awesome :)

  • haozhuce

    good wp themes, thanks

  • Roger

    I just had a quick question. Would I be able to add my companies logo pic with a link to my site?

  • travesti

    thanks so much all nice themes

  • Peter

    just what I was looking for!

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  • Marin

    How to add another page besides Profile and Contact?

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  • Alhan

    Thanks for a great template.
    Will download and use at my website.

  • Suniil

    wow….. this script is awesome… thanks for sharing…..

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  • الدفاع

    Very cool, thanks, I’ll do it my site!

  • Golf Iron Deals Blog

    It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d definitely donate to this excellent blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will talk about this site with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

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  • one way links

    [...] The Digital Business Card WordPress Theme | Human3rror [...]

  • David

    I want to have an image instead of the title text but it always gets a border. how can i get the border off?

  • Van Caberto

    Cool Site you have here!

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  • Stacy Renee

    Very cool, I am just starting to learn about blogging and wordpress, so I am reading every article I can find. I will definitely use this template on my WordPress website that I am building, thank you very much for sharing this template.

    Stacy Renee

  • Stacy Renee

    This business card is elegant, but yet so simple, and the guys are going to just give it away. very cool. Thank you all for posting this for everyone.

    Stacy Renee
    My Facebook

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  • Bill

    Cool I like it.thanks.

  • David

    How about adding Google + on here?

    • Emil

      I’ve done it. You can grab the Google+ icon from my site.


  • Sandy Miccio

    This web page doesn’t render appropriately on my iphone4 – you may wanna try and fix that

  • Kasper

    You write there is 50 extra icons, i can used if i like:)
    how do I add these other icons?

  • ThemeEditor

    Thanks for that great theme John. Can I use the extra icons in other themes?

  • Chris Haldenby

    Great work on this. I have just started a new company but I will now use this on my own name domain site.

    Thank you

  • indyrob

    What theme are you using for your page? I love the clean design!

    • John

      that’s my new one. i have a bunch of free ones here though on this blog.