5 Things I Do Every Day for My Blog(s)

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It was a great time hanging with the 11 or 12 of you today! Above is a recording of the live event (tune in next week, same time!). I’ve provided a brief look at what I shared below:

  1. Read a lot. A set reading pattern and a random one. Research.
  2. Comment on other people’s blogs.
  3. Draft more than publish.
  4. Set artificial deadlines.
  5. Ask for impartial feedback.

I also had 2 Community Challenges as well:

  1. Try one of strategies of making money for your blog listed here, especially one that you’ve never tried before. Document and report how it goes!
  2. Comment everyday on a blog within your niche. Watch traffic return. Analyze.

Have a great rest of the week guys!

  • http://iambendavis.com @iambendavis

    Loved this. Really challenged me on some things for sure. I am going to try and comment on a blog… might be this one. Who knows, but what you shared was very good.

    • John Saddington

      go comment on another blog……!

  • Stephen

    When I first started running I would set arbitrary goals when I got tired, like don’t stop till I make it to that mailbox. I always pushed harder when I had something to work for. I can totally see how an artificial deadline would push me mentally to knock out some quality work in a short amount of time.

    • John Saddington

      it works nearly every time…….. it’s part of my workflow, so to speak.

  • Trevor Taylor

    Just watched the replay.

    1. I am a firm believer in reading. How can you expect other people to listen/learn from you if you do not do the same? I am thankful for developing a good habit of reading and learning on my own in my teen years. I love it when I hear others raise the same flag.

    2. “Be a part of your target market.” Seth Godin.

    3. I actually started writing ideas down before my relaunch. I knew me and knew I needed to be ahead on developing content. John, this is great advice.

    4. Beginning to do this. I am getting better. It is so easy to take your own deadlines for granted.

    5. Impartial, do you mean people you know or do you have a method to get feedback from strangers?

    • John Saddington

      both on #5. i’d start with people you know, but you’ll find more and more people in the same boat as you grow.

  • Jimmy Proulx

    Hey John,

    Thanks for the live broadcast today. Your 5 things that you do everyday for your blog really interested me. I already did a few without realizing it. I love to write and I am a book junkie. I hope that my love for both will lead me to becoming a professional blogger.

    • John Saddington

      jimmy, SWEET! love it. i love how you’re just “OUT” with your goal. go pro!

  • http://www.danieldecker.net Daniel Decker

    Dang. I missed it. Thanks for the replay. Goodness.

    • John Saddington

      sure. is that not a good time for you?

      • http://www.danieldecker.net Daniel Decker

        Time is good BUT the work comes first so I never know what the day will hold. Primary issue though is that I just need to add it to my calendar so I don’t forget. :)

        • John Saddington

          haha. scheduling………

  • http://www.dewittrobinson.com Dewitt Robinson

    Great stuff John! I just commented on a blog post in my niche area: education.
    Thanks for the challenge!

  • Lance M.

    Thank you for these tips and insights John. This is all great content, and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store to share.

    • John Saddington

      sure thing lance!

  • http://synapticlight.com/ Phillip Gibb

    one thing that I find – related to comments – is that forum participation (esp in your niche) yields even better traffic returns.


    Two things I am going to try – from your video and challenge :
    Draft more than Publish
    Offer space for advertising (just not sure what a good starting rate is yet)


    • John Saddington

      sweet! let me know how that goes…
      and yes, forums are definite wins!

  • alvin weiss

    Thanks so much for this video blog. I scheduled myself to watch it again this evening (and plan to take some more notes). I am going to accept your Community Challenges and give you some feedback, as well as, blog about the Community Challenges and the results. 

    I like your total transparency in writing and in your video and the transparency that blogging affords the blogger and the bloggee. I like the quality of the information you give to your audience (Evernote as an example). 

    I have feedback for you in the form of two requests:

    (1) Speak more loudly (I do my work at a Panera Bread with background noise; and even with ear phones, I had difficulty hearing you today), and 

    (2) Read/repeat your audience’s questions OUTLOUD before you answer them on your video blog. I heard some answers but had to guess at what the questions were. 

    Thanks. I am following you daily; and I am now using EVERNOTE – thanks to you – which has saved me so much time in the last two days. In fact, I just watched your video replay and took my notes in Evernote and am writing my comments in Evernote. What a time saver !!! Thanks again, Mr. Tent Blogger. 

  • Greg

    I cannot get to the live Video sessions, though I would love to be! I am with our Team all day Wednesday and we are on in SF Bay Area. That puts it smack dab in the middle of the work morning. But I did check it out early this AM. Just want to let you know that your coaching is so beneficial. Again, love what’s happening. I am learning with each post! Hope to get my blog out soon. Maybe even become an official Tentblogger :-)

    • John Saddington

      greg… thanks so much for the encouragement. hopefully the archives are decent…?

      if it gets big enough I might have multiple times during the week…

      • Greg

        Achieves are great. I would be beneficial if you could mention the questions out loud when you get them so I know what your addressing when you respond. Just and FYI.

        • http://john.do John Saddington

          thanks for this tip greg. i’ll do this better when i revive it!

  • http://jdbentley.com J. D. Bentley

    Really great video! I love everything you’re doing here. I just finished planning a big batch of posts and intend to comment on more blogs (starting with this post!)

    Also, I just wrote a post over at WPCandy on the Live Theme. It’s definitely one of those themes that makes me want to do something I have no business doing (like a live broadcast). It looks so good. I’ll definitely be here for your next broadcast.

    • John Saddington


      …………….. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

      Seeing your face around here consistently has been very encouraging. Now… tell me your story in 140chars or less!

      • http://jdbentley.com J. D. Bentley

        My story in exactly 140 characters:

        Quit college, had crappy jobs, quit crappy jobs, started designing sites, started blogging, failed some, lucked into some nice writing jobs.

        • John Saddington

          hahah! sweet! did you do your own avatar?

          • http://jdbentley.com J. D. Bentley

            I wish! It was illustrated by http://twitter.com/carlafcosta

            • http://john.do John Saddington

              word up. thanks man! how are you these days?

  • http://suburbiauncovered.com/ Matt Powell

    John, thanks for being such a great resource. Between you and the guys at 8bit I have found a great theme, learned about using it, and have found some phenomenal blogging tools. This post is just one example, of the many, that has been so helpful. Such a great blessing.

    • http://john.do John Saddington


      thanks for supporting us! we really appreciate it!