Sometimes Time Helps You Say Yes or No to a New Project

9 months ago!

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions how I make the decisions about new potential projects and how I know when to say “Yes” and when to say “No.” To be honest my methods aren’t very easy to describe as a lot of is based primarily on intuition but I will say that one of the best ways that I’ve discovered that helps me say “No” is simply the passage of time.

As you can see above I got a serious itch to look for an Administrative Assistant to help me out with all of the various projects that I have to juggle every single day. This wasn’t the first time that I felt that I had this need and it certainly wasn’t the last but what I did with this “project,” the quest to find the best administrative assistant that was ever born, was to wait patiently to see if I could find one organically – or to see if it manifested itself in some other fashion.

I wait, watched, networked, and also challenged myself to change my personal workflow to manage, reduce, and optimize my efforts. It paid off – literally, since this administrative assistant position was definitely a paid role (I would never not pay anyone to work in this type of role with me – it wouldn’t be worth it!).

So here I sit, nearly 9 months later, surviving without that “rockstar” personal assistant. In fact, I’ve never been more productive; I’m thriving. Perhaps just the thought of bringing someone on to handle my mess was exactly what I needed to provide the jumpstart to evolve my productivity cycle to the next level.

For sure at some point I will most likely need one but not now – and the same can be said about a lot of the projects you may be considering this coming year. Sure, you want to make sure you’re in a pattern of forward momentum but there are also a handful of things where “progress” could be defined as waiting.

Or rather, where you point your efforts and energy into fixing a current solution instead of attempting to create an entirely new one. In this case the progress was me and not adding an additional warm body to the mix.