The Secret to Finding My Problogging Tipping Point

A good read.

It’s been a while since I last blogged about my journey to becoming a professional blogger and it’s because I’ve been stuck in a somewhat dry (but valuable) series covering Adsense.

What a lot of people have been asking me is what and when (and how) I ever got to the so-called tipping point where I knew that I could make the jump – the secret is that I never really had that tipping point at all. In fact, I’ve never really experienced what that’s like in really any of the ventures, businesses, or blogs that I’ve ever had.

According to Malcom Gladwell in his book The Tipping Point:

A tipping point is “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” tweet

In the context of my work and efforts as a blogger, especially in regard to moving beyond a “seasoned” blogger to a “professional” this would be at a point, most likely financially, that one would realize that they could, in fact, pay their bills and not go hungry.

But my decision to become a problogger wasn’t as much of understanding or realizing that I had somehow bumped up against a tipping point but rather deciding that I was going to create it.

In other words, I was going to make that tipping point happen, or at least give it a serious try.

And for many bloggers that is honestly what it’s going to take. There is no magic formula, no secret sauce, no pre-determined path to becoming a blogger who makes some great income through their online platforms and blog(s) – it simply requires the courage to say “Heck, I’m going to give this a go and see what happens.”

And then you go do it.

I created a tipping point for myself rather than wait for it to happen. What this allowed me to do was to focus extremely well on the few things that I committed to and the quality of my work and my efforts increased. In fact, they increased significantly and I’m learning do repeat this process over and over again, fine-tuning my efforts based on the last time that I had tried so that I can do it even better in the next.

Your tipping point for blogging may never come until you take that small (or large) jump and see what happens. Thankfully the risk doesn’t have to be extreme – it could be very conservative and very limited.

But it won’t happen and you won’t know until you try.

[This is part of the Escaping the 9-5: My Road to ProBlogging series.]

  • Jay Schwartz

    Very nicely put, John. Very often doing what you want to do … what you need to do … what you love to do … means taking the bull by the horns and ‘making’ it so. There is no substitute for taking action. However, when success is measured more in terms getting others to notice, rather than merely gaining personal satisfaction from your efforts, then you obvioulsy have to have something valuable to offer and share, as well as a plan to deliver it. Such is your ‘awesomeness’ that you excel ‘fantabulously’ in both of these areas. :)

    • John Saddington

      thanks jay!

      Make it so….. today..!

  • Lincoln Parks

    John, this blog post actually really hit home for me because I was looking for that “Tipping Point” with my Network Marketing blog and career where I could leave my 9 to 5 and make a run for it. This post has helped me to realize that I may not reach that point and that I have to MAKE that happen, I totally agree.

    There are so many Guru’s in our Industry of people that are truly just getting started, but your Humility and honesty is what sets you apart. Great Post, and I look forward to continue to making my blog efficient like yours and finally leave the 9 to 5.. The Journey Continues..


    • John Saddington

      the journey seriously does continue. one step at a time.

  • Charles Specht

    I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to that Tipping Point, and I don’t believe I really care to all that much. I’m quite content being a tentblogger…for the time being. There are lots of things I want to do (probably too many!) and being a full-time blogger might hinder those from coming to pass. Everyone is different and has their own goals/objectives.

    I do, however, plan to increase the readership and impact of my blog…and that is why I enjoy your website, John!

    • John Saddington

      i love this attitude charles… i think it’s the right one to have!

  • Bryce Homier

    I don’t really plan on making a career out of blogging, but creating websites just for affiliate marketing is an attainable goal. I have 6 more classes to finish up my business degree in IS, and I don’t really want to “have a boss”. If you want to make a living online, then you need to have the same internal motivation as any successful entrepreneur.

    • John Saddington

      that is great! why not start today?

  • Raye Cage

    “I created a tipping point for myself instead of waiting for it to happen.” This statement is very powerful. You decided when and how.

    There is a commercial on TV that I love( website) called “Breakaway” and the chorus says “take a risk, take a chance, make a change and breakaway…” That’s what you did John. Awesome!

    • John Saddington

      awesome! i’m going to look at this.

  • Richard Stephenson

    A great read! Looks like you took the gist of it and applied it quite well! It seems like you knew what you wanted already, but the idea of a “Tipping Point” provided the drive to focus. We could all learn a thing here about applying what we read and experience.

    • John Saddington

      i think we all have “that” idea… we just need to follow it and explore it!

  • First Destination

    “Tipping Point”, what a word you have choosed to describe your edge from where you become a problogger.
    Nicely written, well executed though.
    Your personal article always work as motivation factor for me.
    Thanks for such a nice article.

    • John Saddington

      sure thing! have you reached one?

  • Ivan Bickett

    The more I read from you, the more I like you.

    You knew what you wanted and you went after it! That is fantastic!

    For 15 years, I knew something I wanted. And I let fear and excuses keep me from it.

    I want to run my own business.

    I would talk about it. I would plan. I would strategize. I would dream about it.

    And then I would TAKE NO ACTION!

    Well that ended this year. On October 8, 2011 I was officially full time in my business.

    Did I experience a tipping point? Not at all. I’m making one each and every day I get up and look for ways to help struggling small businesses.

    You, Sir, are an example of bravery and courage for all of us who put off going after our dreams to look to.

    Stop waiting for what you want and make it happen!


    • John Saddington


      and how’s it coming? what has happened since oct 8?

  • Dan Black

    This is a very encouraging reminder.

    The tipping point is different for everyone. I think people(I know I have at times) stopped before reaching a certain tipping point, most times we are on the very edge of that point but stop. The key is to keep trying and moving forward.

    • John Saddington

      never stop. .. just redirect.

  • Loren Pinilis

    My risk for the blog is very limited. Just time and some minor expenses. I figured I might as well go for it.
    I think for me, the tipping point may start to be getting out from behind my computer screen and engaging bloggers and media in the real world. Well, here we go I guess! :)

    • John Saddington

      seriously! you’re at a great spot… the risk is low and the reward potential is high!