A Quick (Yet Significant) Update

wait-whatSome of you who may be following my personal blog more closely may have already learned that I accepted a full-time role at another organization.

Hold up, before you go all crazy on me let me assure you that Pressgram isn’t going anywhere, especially since I was able to raise some venture capital for this project and community.

So, let me be the first to assuage any fears and allow you to calm down and return to your routinely scheduled day.


The short gist is that I was given an incredible opportunity that I really couldn’t refuse but that also allows me the freedom to continue to be “in the field” as an engineer, product developer, and active startup entrepreneur. I’ve known these guys for quite some time and it made a lot of sense from a variety of angles.

They are aware of where I am with Pressgram and support what we’ve been working on 100%. I’ve already talked this over with the Community Leadership Team and they (of course) are very supportive as well. In fact, they will most likely take on some larger roles as I expand my responsibilities so you can look forward to that!

If you have any questions feel free to naturally drop me a line whenever you want. I’m super-stoked about the upcoming 2014 year and can’t believe how far we’ve come in such little time. Big changes are also coming down the pipe for version 2.0 and we will really need to rally together to make it all happen successfully.

Thanks again for your undying support and your unwavering favor as we journey down this very exciting path together. If I told you that I “knew” this was coming then that would be a lie – we live in a world where surprises like this are always a delightful possibility.

I haven’t found this to be a rule of life (as few things are really guaranteed) but rather a philosophy to live by: When you focus on doing great work then it opens up all types of possibilities. Why? Because we all like to work with people who pursue excellence and you become a highly attractive employee, partner, and overall person.