The Best Mass Unfollow Tool for Twitter – 5 Simple Steps!

I did something that I’ve done before this weekend and I decided to mass unfollow everyone on Twitter – all 23,000 or so.

If you’d like to know why I decided to do this then you can head over to Michael Hyatt’s blog post about the same topic and read his justification for it – I agree with him word for word (and he dropped over 100k followers!).

Ok? Done? Great. This post’s purpose is pretty simple: To share the best mass unfollow tool for Twitter that I could find and the solution was quite simple: Sure, it’s not a pretty website (at all) but it’s highly functional and that’s what you need anyways.

Here’s what I did:

1. Sign Up

This part is easy. Just sign up for the service (free version) and get in the system. The part that isn’t clear is where you can actually find the so-called “Wipe” feature:

Hmm. Where is it...

Huh. Can’t find it? That’s because you need to try the “Professional Version”!

2. Use Your Free Professional Trial

This next part is easy. Just hit the “Try Professional for Free” button near the bottom. You’ll then get a counter for about a week of trial in your account:

There we go...!

After you sign up you’ll now see a new option.

3. Wipe All Friends

And here comes the fun part. Now, it goes without saying that you should consider your reasons of why you’re about to embark on this incredibly-easy journey of wiping all your followers – so take a deep breath and proceed if you’re ready:

Goodbye... followers...

And then just hit the “Go” button and you’ll just have to wait it out.

4. Wait For the Email

The next part is simply waiting for the notification in your email inbox that all has been completed and done. You’ll get something like this:

For those that are “numbers” people it took almost exactly 6 hours to unfollow 23,000 – do the math and that’s about 4,000 an hour.

5. Be on Your Merry Way!

Now the future is yours – you can do whatever you’d like. As for me I’ve decided to follow selectively family and close friends/business partners for now and then make use of that List Feature that Twitter has to help curate the rest.

Or, if you’ve been following me for some time now you’d know that I change my mind like the weather on these things – honestly, I just get bored really easily.

Hope that helps!

Now, let’s hope my Klout score goes up a bit. I honestly don’t care much about this metric in the least but I’m interested to see if it changes anything. Whatever. It’ll also be interesting to see how many followers I lose based on automatic bots and reciprocation scripts that require me to follow them. Again, whatever.

  • John Wylie

    I hope I am interesting enough to receive a Followback again ;)

  • Michael Hyatt

    Thanks for going through such detailed steps, John. I think this will be really helpful to people who want to take this step.

    • John Saddington

      thanks michael for the great blog post!

  • Chris Green

    What’s your criteria now for finding people that you really want to follow?

    • John Saddington

      i’m not sure, to be honest.

  • Josh Wagner

    Totally understand. I’m beginning to get really picky about who I follow, and I’m only in the 1000s.

  • Susan Silver

    I recently did the same thing. Now, I can see people again. I do use Twitter as a tool for my business, but lists cover everyone else. Now my stream is personal again and it is easy to keep up with family and friends. I am writing a social media policy to cover questions people may have about what I do. Like a FAQ.

    • John Saddington

      ah. that makes sense!

  • Dustin

    Great idea John, and thanks for posting the tutorial on how you did it. I agree with Michael also, which is why I never followed everybody to begin with. I’m not sure if it will have much effect on the Klout score though :/… they’ve made some significant algorithmic changes to prevent these sort of actions from effecting it so much… but then again, they’re PR and their algorithm’s behavior have been known to disagree before lol!

    • John Saddington

      yeah, i’m not sure about klout. i honestly don’t care about that number.

  • katdish

    Ah, unfollowed by you again! But whatever. You provide useful information here and on twitter, which is why I followed you in the first place, not to have pithy conversations in 140 characters or less. I wouldn’t have been offended if you never followed me in the first place, just as I’m okay with being part of a mass unfollow now. Although I will say you’ll be missing out on some delightfully annoying tweets from me.

    • John Saddington

      appreciate it kat!

  • Nathan Creitz

    I had read Michael Hyatt’s blog post about this and have been thinking about doing it ever since. Your post gave me the “how to” to finally make the leap. Thanks bro!

    • John Saddington

      how’d it go?

  • Chris Wiegman

    Thanks for the tool John! I can’t say I’m ready to wipe my list yet as I’m too afraid of missing someone good as I rebuild but this could come in handy for a number of tasks.

    • John Saddington

      you’ll eventually find them. don’t worry about it much!

  • Charles Specht

    You don’t have to “follow” someone in order to have them added to one of your lists. At the moment, I follow everyone back unless they are obvious porn addicts or DM spam. But I never scroll through my stream. Never. I only ever check out the tweets from my lists. You can organize them as you want to and still read what people you want to. You can also follow other people’s lists, and so for me…at this time…it is a non-issue. But I also don’t have 100,000 followers so, hey, take it for what it’s worth.

    • John Saddington

      i used to do this but i’m lazy, i guess. i like lists to occasionally take a look.

  • Celia Dyer

    1) You really shouldn’t have auto followed everyone to begin with because we all get porn and spam; 2) This is the second ‘mass unfollow’ since I’ve known you (Qwitter report) and it’s more insulting the second time; 3) it’s hurtful to those of us who’ve perhaps made introductions in the community through the years, go to your church, supported your causes and retweeted you; 4) Who with your experience would actually click on, “Have you seen yourself in this video?” I can see culling Facebook friends, but Twitter? Change your settings for email. Columnize your twitter client. Use MangeFlitter. If you say, “Oh, but I have too many followers to manage!” then hire mechanical turk. And, don’t post about it because it makes you sound arrogant.

    (I’ve unfollowed and blocked you, John!)

    • John Saddington


      To answer your points:

      1. I don’t mind experimenting to see what works. Experimentation is one of my overall strategies for business (and life)!
      2. This is actually the 4th or 5th time I’ve done this – started way before Qwitter. 100% guaranteed that it won’t be the last! That’s part of #1 above.
      3. I can’t deny that fact that some people will feel burned (as you have). My apologies, but nothing personal. I suppose that’s 21,000+ apologies that need to be issued!
      4. It’s more than just DM’s. See Michael Hyatt’s post for more info.
      5. I’d never hire a mechanical turk… but if I did I’d definitely be the first to admit it! I’m pretty transparent about that type of stuff (and my experiments). That’s a good thing (I think). If that makes me sound arrogant, well, sorry about that! That’s not my intent (not that anyone would do this just to prove their arrogance… … …).

      Celia, I’m a personal fan of yours – really surprised by this.

      • John Wylie

        Hey John – sorry to chime in to this…but when I did my second purge I got some flack like this from people I connected with in the past as well…people who had true connection with me.

        I found it strange that these people (who were connected with me on WAY MORE LEVELS than just Twitter) got hurt when I ‘unfollowed’ them on Twitter…Seriously?!
        Do they not have my same e-mail address (personal one, none-the-less), facebook, and cellphone number?!

        What makes connecting on Twitter so personal anyway? Most people don’t realize that Twitter was never meant to be a ‘Social Network’ by any means. It is a way to share information about what is going on – what you find interesting – and to follow those who ‘match up’ with what you find interesting.

        There is absolutely nothing WRONG with following people – and then changing up your timeline. Heck…I do this nearly every month! — I find something interesting and then follow a thousand or so folks from that nitch. BOOM! Instant fun!

        I think people need to stop taking Twitter, and indeed themselves, too seriously. Just my 10 cents I guess.

    • question

      Celia. Your not in high school. GET A GRIP.

  • Bryan

    I don’t even have a twitter account yet, but I will soon to support my blog. Because of your experience, though, I definitely be more selective with whom I decide to follow.

  • Kulwant Nagi

    wow !! this is very awesome tool and I was not aware about this.. twitter is on it rocking mode so I am also going to say bye bye to unnecessary people..

  • Loren Pinilis

    Hey John,
    I’d be curious to hear more details about what you’ve learned from this. I figured you were planning on sharing on tentblogger, but I just wanted to let you know that I’d be eager to learn from you on that point. :)
    This is something that I’ve thought about, but for me right now I don’t mind using lists, DM spam isn’t a huge deal, and I’m not concerned too much about Klout.
    Since you’ve unfollowed multiple times, do you have periods of mass-follow and then a mass-unfollow?

    • John Saddington

      so far, that’s the history. yes. i experiment everytime i see something “shift” in the culture or in the technology. see if it works. who knows!

  • katdish

    As I stated previously, the reason I followed you was because you provide valuable and practical information about blogging, especially the technical aspects that I struggle with. But the mass unfollow would not be necessary if you never followed people you didn’t care to follow in the first place, so why follow them at all? That’s what I don’t understand.

    • John Saddington

      it’s nothing personal – it’s about experimenting with the tools that I have at my disposal. if it increases engagement, pageviews, whatever it is, then i’m going to see if it works!

  • ZuDfunck

    I also have done this before, mass unfollowing everyone. This time I have my list of folks I read regularly so I will just pull up that list and follow them. Boom! Nice heads-up, thanx!