The girl loves rice. She really, really does. She even wears it. And she’s promoting it with her face.

I wonder if we ever really realize how large a part we play in corporate and enterprise marketing for companies. Sure, that shirt “defines” us but we’re also a living and breathing advertisement for the company itself – and we paid them so that we could market it!

Seems a bit unfair if you ask me.

Currently, as I sit here, I am tangibly representing 5 or 6 brands:

  1. Apple – My MacBook Air and iPhone 5
  2. Georgia Tech – My hoody is so comfy but has a huge “Georgia Tech” logo on the front
  3. Zoo York – My shoes!
  4. STM – My shoulder bag
  5. 8BIT – I’ve got a pin on my bag representing my startup company
  6. Something else I’m sure…

The thing is that I don’t wear any watches or have any other assorted apparel that many more people might wear. As a result, I feel like my marketing value is fairly minimal, right?

This isn’t a commentary on whether this is good or bad – it just is. But again, I wonder how often we realize how much we do for these companies without us knowing.