Consistent Yearly Resolutions That Work

My daughter decided two days ago that she was really quite over the “crawling” thing and decided to take her first steps into the glorious freedom that walking offers humankind. We were ecstatic, naturally.

Yesterday she picked it up into overdrive as if something in her told her that the previous day was simply an “experiment” and since it apparently “worked” now was as good a time as any to really rock it out – she did and we captured her walking all around the house in glorious DSLR-fashion, including some video.

And while I wait for those videos to finish uploading here’s a quick one from my wife’s iPhone 4 (not 4s, unfortunately – we’re waiting for 5):

[tentblogger-vimeo 34428533]

Both my daughters have a native desire to experiment with new things, attempt them with all abandon, and enjoy it all the same. This is one of the many things we seem to lose as we grow up – my prayer and hope is that they never lose this “foolishness.”

To do so requires a bit of intentionality – never mind, I’m lying, it requires a lot of intentionality. Over the years I’ve been able to do this so that to the outside world it appears natural, but it really isn’t. The result? It’s helped me launch a number of great projects and businesses each and every year and I’m so excited about 2012 where I can do it again, and again, and again.

As I think about these things I’ve come up with a short list of resolutions that I have for myself every year that apparently work; I hope they work for you too:

  1. Experiment More – I’ve talked about this before here but all of us need to experiment more, try something entirely new, and not just one thing but many things. I try to live this in the simple and complex ways – for example sometimes I’ll spend time just reading something entirely different (simple) while on another scale I might adventure into an entirely new market segment or business (complex). The point is to try it and see what happens.
  2. Deeper Relationships – My resolution every single year is to get to know a handful of people better and to invest in those relationships deeply. When I say “handful” I’m not talking about double digits or even 4 or 5 – I’m talking about one, maybe two people a year. This depends on your temperament to a certain degree but the challenge I have for myself is to go deeper, period. I might add that for some this can take on a spiritual context, becoming closer and more connected with your faith.
  3. Love Thyself - I have always struggled with being satisfied with myself, my work, my purpose and calling and it’s always come back to simply loving and accepting myself the way that I am. This is not an ego-driven-delusional-self-absorption type of thing but simply a desire to be at peace with oneself. I have discovered that every year I become more and more comfortable “in my own skin,” so to speak, and I intentionally want to accept myself as I am. As a result and natural consequence I am able to love others more and accept them the way that they are, but it starts with me.

I certainly always have other goals (like losing weight, etc.) but those seem to come and go without warning. These three, though, seem to stay at the top of my list every single year and they have worked with some wonderful consequences and results.

I hope that you’re thinking critically about this year and that you’ll stay committed to growing yourself into a better you!