A Quick (and Different) Look Into My Morning Routine

As some of you know, I’ve been writing about a new project I’ve been putting together over the last few months that is still tentatively called “Pinpoint” – I’m still not sure if that’ll stick long-term but, as many things go, the longer it sticks around the harder it is to remove it from my psyche…

Anyways, I’ve been iterating on the product and did an exercise yesterday that captured quite frankly my morning routine, especially the actual behaviors that currently make up that morning part of the day. If you’re curious, give it a read here.

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Retro Technology, Way Before Its Time…

A few retro technology images. Super-fascinating, especially when you think how far we’ve come, and, how unoriginal some of the “newest” technology “breakthroughs” really are.

Sometimes you really are just too early for your own good – the rest of the world really needs to catch the heck up.

The “Portable TV” concept makes me LOL.

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Fitness Micro-Challenge

I’ve discovered that I’m not really a “goal setter” insofar as creating goals and marching towards them, especially the much larger ones that might be related to life and career and things like that.

And I have tried, believe me, to change my perspective on those types of things and even given myself goals to execute against related to all sorts of topics and themes; none of them stick very long.

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