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Independent Thinking

I’ve been reminded, viscerally, in the past few weeks that independent thinking is in very, very short supply.

As much as we’d like to think that others (and even ourselves) are mature enough to carry our own opinions without submitting ourselves to the whims of others… the mark is missed wildly in reality.

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Love Writing

Every year I spend $175 on a single domain. For most people, I imagine, this is a bit much. But, you’d think differently if I told you how much I spend on domains every year in aggregate…

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People are Watching…

There’s been a little bit of a dust-up in regards to Twitter and their upcoming changes to their API. Essentially, they are turning of a number of features that greatly impact the end user experience, for the negative.

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Liberland is a micronation that has claimed 2.7 square miles (7km²) of uninhabited (and disputed) land on the western bank of the Danube, between Croatia and Serbia.

It is, in effect, a new country although it hasn’t been yet recognized by any country in the United Nations.

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