GaryVee: Document, Don’t Create

@GaryVee is a legend when it comes to speaking honestly and candidly about work, entrepreneurship, and life in general. And for those that first encounter him he can seem a bit overwhelming – that’s because he’s so damn refreshing that it’s hard to respond to it at first.

I’ve been following his daily vlogs since he started a year ago (today) and he even posted his #100 vlog which was classic.

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Desk v3.0: Mac App Store Screenshots

Spent a small bit of time putting together the Mac App Store screenshots for Desk v3.0, which I should finally be able to submit this coming week for review.

It’s been a long time coming and literally a year since the last update has come down the pipe. But, it’s a doozy and it took about a year to get to this place as it’s redesigned and rewritten. I’m excited to get it out and into the community’s hands.

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Who Stays, Who Goes

I’ve been able to shoot, edit, produce, and ship 4 new vlogs this week and it’s been fun, tiring, challenging, and exasperating.

I’ve felt great about it and then, moments later, I’ve felt terrible about it. Exhilarated that I’m going for it and then terrified that I look stupid… and… unprofessional… and even more stupid because I know that I look both stupid and unprofessional.

But there’s been something incredible about engaging with something that scares me and I haven’t felt like this in a long, long time.

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Leadership, Messy

When I first started building software for the big companies I was quickly told what to do and how to do it and where I stood (or sat) in the corporate structure (and I started early, 15 years old…).

And, for a time (a very short time) I was okay with this because I was learning what it meant to “clock in” and “clock out” and earn my pay as a corporate employee.

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