Building Stuff

I’ve been building stuff for a very long time and I have loved the act of creating things with my own hands, especially when it’s from absolute scratch.

And in the moment I loved it and I figured that because I loved it that I would continue to build similar things. What I wasn’t ready for was the fact that the act of building was more about building oneself than the actual product.

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The Overwhelming Might of the Enemy

I do love me some Winston Churchill; I’ve quoted him a few times, like here and here.

As I stare deep into another season of startup “glory” and building something immense, I am reminded of how hard it has been in the past to build things that mean a lot, to not just myself but the customers that I ultimately sought to serve.

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“I Like My Face Better Than I Thought”

Plastic surgery for Koreans is very much a cultural thing making it the center of the universe for that type of thing (i.e. most procedures per capita than any other nation).

The pressure that you can feel, even stateside, is real. I learned this by just hanging out with a number of korean-student associations, clubs, and organizations during college. I was partly motivated to do this because I was trying to find my place, any place that would accept me and allow me to make a modicum amount of friends.

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