Integrity Doesn’t Buy Boats

When it comes building an organization everyone agrees that having a core set of values is paramount. But, we all know what it’s like when an organization doesn’t exactly practice what it preaches.

And many of us, unfortunately, have experienced organizations where the values become more of a token requirement than an actual organization system and a way of doing business.

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Perfectly Normal

I kind of love this:

He is self-aware, self-accepting, caring, with a strong ability to analyze and speak about his condition with others. He understands how he is different, and he has created a coping mechanism for himself that enables him to function in society and pursue his interests in the arts as an escape when it all becomes too much for him.

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I Bought $5,000 Bitcoin Yesterday…

Yesterday was kind of a neat day as I decided to personally invest some capital into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency at large.

It’s 100% due to my brother’s influential remarks, his research, and most obvious is his amazing financial returns that he’s already experienced. He’s gone “pro,” essentially, at this point in time and I’ve been watching him make calls and trades daily.

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