TLD’s / URLs To Avoid for Medium Publications

I’m putting together a new Medium Publication for my “Medium + macOS” project, codename¬†mnml, and I was very excited to create a custom domain for the blog.

This is natural as I’m building a native desktop client for Medium…! Sadly, I was told that the TLD (“Top Level Domain”) that I’m using is not compatible with their SSL partner, Comodo (I believe I got this right).


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Write So as to Help Other People

The longer I write the more I’ve realized how “simple” my speech has gotten. In other words, I used to feel pressured to add complexity to my blog posts in terms of word choice and less-often-used words to explain my intent.

Now, I no longer feel that pressure in the slightest. In fact, I’m the most lazy I’ve ever been when it comes to writing. If it can’t be said simply then perhaps I do not understand fully what I’m trying to communicate.

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