Visual History: Studio Ghibli

This is an unbelievably-short but appreciated overview of Studio Ghibli, an organization that has been such a big part of my visual childhood:

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On Being Ruthlessly Open-Minded

I shared this link via a newsletter that I publish twice a week but I wanted to make sure that I could capture and share it here too, more for my own benefit to be honest.

In a 54 minute sit-down, Marc Andreessen shares a few thoughts on a number of different topics, from startups to venture capital to the larger macro economies and more. There’s so good stuff in there and then there’s so “meh” stuff too (like most of these things).

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Only Happens with Marketing

The important and intimate relationship between marketing and engineering is finally getting the attention that it rightly deserves.

Or, to be more specific, more and more people (especially technical folks) understand that they need marketing to ensure that the very thing that they’ve spent years building can be ultimately appreciated by waiting customers.

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