Only Human

I really enjoyed this video because of how much truth there is in it.

Feel free to ignore the title of the video and it’s general premise about seducing someone… instead, listen to some of the concepts around relationships and identity:

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Doing Your Best

Everyone wants to do their best.

We want to do our very best with our relationships and our jobs. We want to do the best with the roles and responsibilities that we’re given. We want to do the very best with our most precious resource, time.

But, that’s not always enough.

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Long Commutes

I honestly don’t mind long commutes. And, if I’m to be honest, I’m not entirely sure if I ever really minded them.

I think in one season of my life I thought that I was supposed to not like them and so I manufactured a bit of resentment and even told folks that I didn’t like them but the truth is that I’ve never really had an issue with a super-long commute.


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