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Ensure the Survival of Creativity

The video title should honestly be one about how important it is to keep creative folk in your organization. Perhaps even more important is the fact that if you want to have your company survive the natural powers of capitalism, you should keep creative people on tap:

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Never Interrupt

via Charlie Munger:

The first rule of compounding: Never interrupt it unnecessarily.

So true.

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Lower Costs

As we begin to scale out our operations on my small project that has become a bit larger than I thought (and with such speed!), we’re starting to think through not just the what but the who.

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The Gap Between What We Say and What We Do

We say that children and their future are important to us but it doesn’t seem that we actually put our money where our mouths are, or want to be. Education is deeply and fundamentally broken in the US and it’s hard for me to watch these types of videos and not feel deeply for all those impacted:

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On Intelligence

There is very little real balance in life and the ideas of “work-life balance” are so terribly limited and broken that I’ve long-since used that aphoristic phrase for anything useful.

Rather, life is much more about managing tension than anything else, a rubber band ball really.

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Jack Ma

I love this original sales pitch via Jack Ma back in 1999; although short, it’s completely inspiring:

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The Perfect Job

The perfect job is less about the job, itself, and more about your ability to control and manage your most precious resource, which is time:

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