Leadership: The Way It Looks vs The Way It Feels

I wrote this post about management potential that’s gotten a lot of eyeballs in the past month or so. As with most things, I didn’t think much of it when I published it but it’s been a highly-read and most-shared blog post of this year.

Funny how that happens.

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Getting Things Done Starts with My Health

It’s been a bit more than 3 years, to be exact, but someone had asked me recently for more specifics on how I get things “done” and I remembered that a big part of my process and schedule is eating healthy and daily exercise.

In fact, since committing myself to a categorically-different lifestyle than the one that I had previously lived I’ve managed to maintain it, iterate, and improve it.

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Coffee Warmers

I am loving the current series of Dilbert cartoons that are being produced right now because they speak deeply to my own personal process of coming up with projects to work on.

Some of these projects stay “indie” – small personal projects that may or may not produce any revenue (and that’s not the ultimate goal, ever) while others actually give birth to larger ventures.

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This is really neat:

The role of Julia is played by Stacey Gordon … a Phoenix-based puppeteer who … has a [13-year-old] son with autism, and, before she started her family, was a therapist to youngsters on the spectrum.

The introduction of an autistic muppet is bold but needed. Love this so much:

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Freaks, Systems, Mental Spring Cleaning

I had forgotten that I had contributed a few things to Chris Brogan’s book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth, which apparently came out in 2014; wow, has it been that long?!

I was reminded of this from a digital friend, Andy, who’s a Church of England vicar, DJ, musician, artist, magician, and entrepreneur… among many other things, who wrote me a great email full of encouragement.

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