Retro Technology, Way Before Its Time…

A few retro technology images. Super-fascinating, especially when you think how far we’ve come, and, how unoriginal some of the “newest” technology “breakthroughs” really are.

Sometimes you really are just too early for your own good – the rest of the world really needs to catch the heck up.

The “Portable TV” concept makes me LOL.

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Fitness Micro-Challenge

I’ve discovered that I’m not really a “goal setter” insofar as creating goals and marching towards them, especially the much larger ones that might be related to life and career and things like that.

And I have tried, believe me, to change my perspective on those types of things and even given myself goals to execute against related to all sorts of topics and themes; none of them stick very long.

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Friends Think?

One of the most motivating reasons to have people in our lives that can speak honestly and truthfully to us is so that can be challenged in the ways that truly push us forward.

Otherwise, we can find ourselves sitting still for a very long, long time and realize that we haven’t progressed much (if at all).

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