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A Little Lift

Want to get to the very top of your industry and field? Outside of doing the work (which accounts for 99.99% of your success anyway – don’t worry about the muse) you’ll find it important to network with folks who are in a position to help you along.

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What’s Fair

Life isn’t fair… and most grownups understand this (although I still encounter humans who feel like they are fundamentally owed something from the universe… and that baffles me).

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You Rule My Drool

I recently got some amazing cards from my two older kiddos… I find them hilarious and also heartwarming:

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4:00am Problems

Sometimes this little guy joins me for early-morning stuff… like 4:00am. For whatever reason, he just likes waking up between 4 and 5:00am… sleep training is a real thing.

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Make Them Remember You

I really love this music video that League of Legends created, for a number of reasons… but first, give it a watch:

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