My Strategy for Starting New Projects

As I am wont to do, I will expand a bit on yesterday’s vlog in which I shared a few thoughts and my foundational strategy when it comes to starting a new project.

Here you go (and then continue to read) below:

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Death by 1,000 Acts of Insecurity

I created this somewhat terrible graph / drawing the other day for a vlog titled “continuity” which is really about learning how to be our authentic selves, regardless of the platform or medium, regardless of whether it’s online and offline.

I think this is hard for a number of obvious and not-so-obvious reasons but it’s been on my mind quite a bit since I started my video project almost 100 days ago.

You can see the graph here:

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Prompts to Elicit Stories

I’m still working through Tools of Titans which has been, pun-intended, a fairly titanic undertaking in its own right.

What’s difficult is the pacing – I have purposely allowed myself to read only one chapter a day because the density of information and the required time to actually digest the material is serious.

In fact, if I’m to be honest, you could take a few of these chapters and think about it for a week (if not more) and you’d be good to go.

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The Difference Between a Mentor and Coach (And Why You Need Them)

I shared this via the vlog and I wanted to capture it here and expand on it a big via the written (digital) word and give you a breakdown of the differences between a coach and a mentor and how I engage with both.

On the back-half of yesterday’s vlog I talked about how crucial it is that you have a coach (or coaches) and a mentor (or mentors) in your life:

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Management Potential

Most of us (and I really do mean most) have no right and no business being managers. We have no right and no business being leaders, at scale.

Most of us can barely put two socks of the same color on in the morning; and then we head to the office and are expected (and expect of ourselves) that we’re going to be able to deftly lead other people’s lives.

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Ōlloclip Active Lens Set Review (Wide-Angle) via Downtown San Francisco

I had a little too much fun reviewing Olloclip’s Active Lens Set  on the vlog, specifically the Ultra-Wide lens (wide-angle) which is one of the two lenses that came in the set.

I don’t plan on making my channel a “product review” channel but if it’s a product or add-on or some equipment that’s relevant to my experiments then I feel okay about that!

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