On Facetime

For the past few months I’ve been traveling south from San Francisco to Palo Alto / Menlo Park to work on a few projects with friends and to connect with the venture capital firm that I’ve currently stationed with. I take the early-morning Caltrain (there are tons of options in the morning) and then head back on one of the hourly time-tables.

It’s generally a pleasant ride (even if I don’t get a seat, which is rare) and I’m able to relax, take a nap, or double-down on something I’ve been working on with very little distraction. My Karma hotspot works really well.

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Don’t Discard

A fascinating perspective that I’ve been leaning into more and more these days is the idea that it’s okay to pursue a plethora of things all at the same time and that focusing on one thing isn’t nearly as important as loving fully and engaging the many.

In other words, the often shared advice of focus, focusfocus, might not be as good as it is proclaimed to be. For more context, watch this TEDxAustin talk by Steven Tomlinson:

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