On Sunsetting Projects

There’s no easy way to “sunset” digital projects just as there’s no easy way to remove an arm or a leg from your body.

This might sound extreme but you may also empathize with the emotional challenge of closing down something that you’ve worked so hard to give birth to. There’s just simply no “right” way to do it.

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It’s been 45 days since I last had a drink and the clarity that I have, the joy that I have in my heart, and the excitement that I feel as a result of my (ongoing) decision to remove alcohol from my life is, well… intoxicating.

I’ve struggled with the idea of sharing this publicly and it took some time to get used to the idea (I even teased it a bit here) but today I finally decided to do it:

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On Big Breaks

via Ryan Higa:

I never had a single big break – because few do online. Thriving in the digital space is about constant commitment and engagement rather than being hit-driven like traditional media.

I love that, not only because it’s honest but also because it’s entirely true. You want to know what’s even more crazy? The results don’t have to take much time to start showing up either.

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So, This is Not a Love Letter to T-Mobile… … … … But…

This might sound (and be) a little bit crazy but after 14 years of being with the same phone service provider (AT&T) I walked into the T-Mobile store yesterday and walked out in a miraculous 50 minutes fully converted.

Yes. Insane. Our entire family of 4 (4 iPhones, 2 x iPhone 7 Plus, 2 x iPhone 6S Plus). If you would’ve told me even a few weeks ago that I’d be considering this and making the trip over to local brick-and-mortar to make a swap I would have looked at you funny.

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