mnml app: Almost Done

Just a few missing (but important) pieces to put together before this one will be done and shipped and out in the wild.

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Only Happens with Marketing

The important and intimate relationship between marketing and engineering is finally getting the attention that it rightly deserves.

Or, to be more specific, more and more people (especially technical folks) understand that they need marketing to ensure that the very thing that they’ve spent years building can be ultimately appreciated by waiting customers.

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Live Streaming on YouTube…

A few months back YouTube opened up a new feature on their mobile apps that gave content creators the ability to live stream with one major catch: You had to have at least 10,000 subscribers to do it.

I didn’t mind this threshold, at the time, and I considered it a bit of a “stretch goal,” if you will. But recently they’ve dropped it to 1,000 which means that it’s been enabled on my device:

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Surest Way to Corrupt Youth…

As a parent we have a never-ending challenge of trying to teach our children positive principles of thinking and behavior that will enable them to thrive personally and professionally.

But, at the exact same time, we want to also engender them with the courage to stand up for themselves, for what they believe, and to be courageous in the face of social and cultural odds when they may be in the minority.

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Desk App v3.1

Yup, after a bit of a delay, v3.1 of Desk App has gotten through the App Store Review process and should be available to update worldwide.

What’s neat is that the entire review process, from submission to approval, took less than 24 hours. Unbelievable speed considering the previous time required. Most excellent!

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