10 Books That I (Physically) Keep and Why

I shared a few thoughts on a recent vlog but I thought I’d share them here as well!

Here are the 10 books that I carry around with me! These books have deeply impacted my life in one way, shape, or form! A ton of sentimentality here!

Here they are…


1. The Four Loves:

I learned how to love someone perfectly-imperfect, just like me. Eventually, this gift from a friend in 2003 was a cornerstone reading for my eventual marriage to my sweetheart!

It’ll be 15 years this year… moved 18 times and a ton of startups. 3 kids. 2 Masters Degrees. A ton of heartache and pain. But, a lot of joy too.

2. Tozer on Christian Leadership:

I spend time calibrating myself with a simple thought from the scriptures although the application is broad and deep. Faith is a very interesting thing and it’s been a huge unlock in my thinking.


Steven Pressfield

  1. Turning Pro
  2. The War of Art

I could write a ton on these two books and how they’ve helped me grapple with simple-yet-complex issues of work, life, and meaning. So grateful for Pressfield’s work. He’s the real fucking deal.

5. Life Together:

Even more useful given today’s economy and times. Learning how to live with others and do life with others… is really fucking hard.


6. The Anatomy of Story:

The “bible” for filmmakers and people who create stories. I can’t say enough about this because, honestly, I’ve never really finished it. Getting through the first few chapters is heavy-lifting and already given me significant lift.

It’ll take me the rest of my life to work through this tome.

7. Every Good Endeavor:

Connecting your work with something bigger than yourself is an important part of creating meaningful value for people. That’s all that I’m going to say about that.


8. Tribe:

One of my favorite books of all time. I’ve written about belonging before.

2 Fun Reads

  1. 500 Years Later
  2. Japansoft: An Oral History

Fun reads that just give me joy.

Okay, your turn!