10 Inspiring Corporate, Business Blogs

That it will... if done well.

A corporate or business blog is no joke – at one point it may have been but that is definitely no longer the case. A blog for one’s business is absolutely critical in today’s world of communication and your ability to connect with loyal fans, woo new customers, and become a thought-leader in your industry are all very real possibilities.

But the bottom line for most businesses will be the simple fact that it will increase the health and awareness of the businesses brand and either directly or indirectly contribute to the organization’s bottom-line.

For every argument against having a blog for your business there are about 100 for it – you simply need to ask the countless people even in your own existing network who have seen the efficacy of the results.

Although it does take time and commitment to publish consistent and high quality content your company will be better for it and you’ll begin to even explore the exciting world of social media especially if your company hasn’t really dipped their toe in yet.

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse on this one so I’ll just jump in and share a few examples of businesses that have blogs that are just doing it “right” – they aren’t perfect, but they’ll inspire you to go build (and optimize) one yourself:

1. Whole Foods Blog

This blog is lovely, simple, relevant, and very personal. Heck, I even like the the title of the blog: “Whole Story.” They publish at least once a day and you can tell the posts are thoughtful and engaging. It just works.

2. 37signals – Signal vs Noise

The 37signals blog is one of those gems out there that everyone in the tech space wants to become: They are a thought-leader and change the way not only their consumers think about online products but also how their competition does as well. Clean, uncluttered, and just a bunch of straight-talk.

They cover whatever they want whether it’s their business (great level of transparency) or how they really hate X and love Y. They get it done.

3. The Official Google Blog

Google’s corporate blog is both informational (updates on their business and product lines) as well as engaging as they tackle some of the larger challenges of innovation and technology. Although they don’t allow comments they allow pingbacks which allows people to respond via their own properties and get some credibility themselves.

It’s read by millions worldwide and things published here get noticed – quick.

4. Evernote’s Tech Blog

Simply designed and highly engaging Evernote’s Noteworthy Blog provides valuable insight into who they are, the fun things they are doing, as well as educational material on how to use their app well. They even have stories and tips from users who share how-to’s and walk-throughs of their particular use. It’s really a classic example of well thought out engagement.

5. Adobe Blogs

Adobe is so large that they have multiple different blogs covering many different areas of their business. The main feed provides a central access point for all of them but as you jump into each one you’ll find a unique voice, author, and even visual styling of the blog itself:

The content is helpful, inspiring, and personal. If you’re an organization or corporation that’s large enough to entertain multiple blogs and authors then this is definitely one way to do it.

6. Intel’s Scoop Blog

I’ve liked Intel’s Scoop Blog because it’s like Adobe but it maintains the same styling throughout all the different authors. In fact, you can “meet” the corporate bloggers and authors right on the sidebar. This is inviting and personal. They update daily and discuss product, innovation, and even their competition.

7. Southwest’s Blog

Love their blog. Period. Spend 5 minutes there and you will too. Great stuff.

8. Zillow’s Blog

One of the neat thing about Zillow’s blog is that it’s much more than just corporate updates about their organization – it’s information and tips on how to lead a more fulfilling life, specifically through financial management. It’s more than just a business blog – it’s a lifestyle and I love how they are providing incredible value for people, even if they aren’t customers yet.

9. Disney Park’s Blog

Getting an opportunity to look behind the scenes into one of your childhood loves? Heck yeah! That’s what Disney does with it’s blog daily. You could learn a lot by just reading their content. Check it out.

10. Ebay’s Ink Blog

Ebay’s blog is cute, funny, and serious all at the same time. I really enjoy it and have often used it as an example as I consult with organizations. I even love the freebies they create like sweet infographics!

So, is there any that I missed? Have a favorite corporate and business blog that’s worth mentioning? Put it in the comments below!

[This is part of the Building a Killer Business and Corporate Blog Series.]