A Look at the First 10 Days of the Community Forums

Nearly 10 days ago I launched the new TentBlogger Community Forum and it’s been a whirlwind of activity! So far we’ve had 150+ people sign up (with nearly 40 of those being Premium Members) and over 500+ posts!

I’ve been an unbelievable first week and a half and the most amazing thing is that I’ve been relatively uninvolved in the organic growth since I decided to launch the forums right before a week-long vacation!

This wasn’t necessarily a test for the community to pass or anything like that but you can imagine how crazy-encouraged I was to see so much conversation and community begin to form without me being fully present among them!

This means that it’s truly scoping out to be a community-powered forum and is going to be an amazing place to learn, grow, and build community!

As such, I’m going to keep my lower price for joining until the end of the month to see if I can give even more value to those that are committed to grow their blogs in this passionate community forum instead of closing down the intro price today.

So please, if you’re even remotely interested in joining a place where you can get your questions answered about blogging, build some seriously-helpful community around your efforts as a blogger, and generally have a good time around the ever-growing “watercooler” then consider jumping in soon!

And just for kicks, here are some of the main forums that we’re already populating with great content and I’ve already posted my first Monthly Challenge (it’s an easy but necessary one) for the community to engage with!

Hope to see you there! Cheers!

Oh, and finally, we have our first “mini game” with some of our members actively “gunning” for the neat title changes as related to the number of times they post – a few have made it into the Curious Member level!

  • n00b! – 0
  • Curious Member – 30
  • Not Too Unfamiliar – 80
  • A Contributor – 150
  • Almost a Regular – 250
  • Has Been Around – 500
  • A Regular – 1000
  • Super Awesome – 2000
  • Insanely Helpful – 5000
  • EPIC – 10000
  • ROFLCOPTER – 25000
  • Toasty – 50000
  • TentBlogger – 100000

(These are subject to change, by the way – I created them off the cuff!)