10 Free Ideas For Your Next Killer Business Venture

I have so many ideas for new products, businesses, and ventures that it would take 10 lifetimes to actually work on them. The sad part is that they collect an incredible amount of dust in my notebooks and I don’t think that’s fair to a world that may need these solutions that others may find the time to develop and create.

I’m not fooling myself (or you perhaps) in believing that these ideas are “game changers” but they might spark some ingenuity within you or create that missing spark for your next venture or business idea – and please don’t bother giving me credit either, they are yours the moment you execute (which is everything, by the way).

So here’s a list of recent ideas that I’ve had that might inspire you to do something amazing (and I apologize in advance for not “fleshing” some of these out as a few may require more explanation – sorry, it’s up to you to figure those out!):

  1. Dropbox is insanity. That is, it’s awesome. Anything that makes Dropbox even better is a no-brainer. Look at the adoption rate and growth pattern. It’s not going anywhere. My experiment with Dripps¬†proved a viable market.¬†
  2. Video delivery still sucks, especially in terms of personalization and hyper-niche markets. Solutions for the mom and pop could snowball into a monster service.
  3. Online personal branding is a growth market. About.me and Flavors.me and a bunch of other crap solutions prove it. But there’s very little innovation. Look at the areas that are typically forgotten.
  4. Flickr is back. Sort of. Well, maybe. First-to-market corollary apps still have yet to find a new foothold. I had 100 ideas the moment Mrs. Mayer took back Yahoo!.
  5. Internal social networking has gotten a bad rap. That’s because most of them suck. That’s why I even abandoned one a while back. But there’s still a very large and growing market.
  6. Geo-local solutions are so played out, but not (yet). Create friction-less experiences the moment someone shows up at your door. eCommerce is just the tip of the iceberg folks. I don’t know why most people and businesses stop there.
  7. Professional Coaching on the micro level can be incredibly lucrative. I know this first-hand. But most people never attempt it. This is your year.
  8. A better Instagram.
  9. A reason to come back to Facebook. Any reason better than keeping up with the Jones’, spying on past girlfriends/boyfriends, or a need to feel better about yourself looking at your old High School valedictorian who’s doing retail at the Gap. Facebook is now normal and normative – build me something that warrants some attention and not just another Zynga-clone game.
  10. Closed ecosystems and invite-only. There’s something powerful about feeling like you belong and that you’ve got a limited availability ticket in. When Facebook is everywhere it’s no longer special.

Hope to see something awesome this year from you.