10 More Ideas For Your Next Killer Business Venture

It’s interesting to think that one of the previous 10 free ideas is something that I decided that I would actually take on for a personal side project.

But, for your viewing and ideation pleasure, here are 10 more great ideas that might spawn the right amount of inspiration for you to build your next killer app, product, or even company.

  1. Education is a trillion dollar un-tapped market. Adding an educational-layer to any app or business will have you customers for life as well as new customers lining up. And, the experimentation cost of adding it is extremely small.
  2. The gap between still media (images) and video is shrinking with apps like Vine via Twitter yet Vine isn’t the best implementation. Perhaps you could do better.
  3. Twitter started first by being inspired by SMS which later evolved into a web-based service and then back to mobile. This cyclical experience of an evolving product isn’t a new idea. There are a number of long-standing technologies, like TV and radio, that have yet to have a Twitter-like event. Something like a Black Swan. Maybe we’re waiting on your future app.
  4. Paypal is still the clear winner of online payments. This is unfortunate since the service generally stinks. There are some new players that are attractive but no clear victor. The point is that there still aren’t enough players – we need more to increase the pressure of even more innovation.
  5. More and more of my friends are moving their physical libraries to digital ones, holding them all on devices like their iPad or Kindles. I have yet to move and this is simply because the solutions available aren’t very good. Yet. I’m waiting on the killer digital library solution that might not even be called that when it comes out. Convince me to move and I’ll invest in your app or company.
  6. Religious and spiritual organizations and cultures are still sadly behind the curve when it comes to technology and implementation. They borrow and copy with abandon the practices of the existing market. I’m just waiting to see a model created in that context that the open market will adopt in return.
  7. Digital magazines have generally fallen flat because they are trying to use existing and traditional methods of reading and engagement in a mobile form without much innovation. I have yet to commit a paid subscription to any of them. I don’t think I’ll hold out forever as long as you build it better. I can’t wait to try it.
  8. My oldest is learning to type and I think the typing apps out there could use a serious refresh. Or something entirely different. Even teaching them to use a non-QWERTY layout would be neat.
  9. Productivity apps are a dime a dozen. I wonder why I can’t commit to any. If you solve my problem (do I have a problem?) then you’ll have a fan for life.
  10. Mobile advertising is still the wild west in terms of content monetization. I can’t wait to see some of the attempts this year – perhaps I’ll be trying your implementation?

Go forth and be awesome.