10 Questions to Ponder When Hiring a New Executive Coach

I shared this via Twitter the other day; the fact that I’m looking for a new executive coach starting in Q1 of 2021:

I also asked a friend who’s been my coach / leader through an 8-week program that I just completed and she gave me some really good things to think about.

Here are a few questions that she challenged me to ponder:

  1. Do you gel well with Male Coaches vs. Female Coaches?
  2. Does gender play a role for you?
  3. Is age a big factor for you? Coaches who are older or younger than you?
  4. How much does their background matter? Founder turned coach? Doesn’t matter if they are good?
  5. Is there a specific issue that needs addressing? What are you really looking for?
  6. What type of personality works best for you?
    • Hardass coach who will call you out on your BS and be very assertive
    • Tender and thoughtful in approach as they guide you 
  7. Do you want someone who has a proven, clear framework?
  8. Do you want someone to make you “feel” good or to help you gain clarity?
  9. Budget?
  10. What problems / pain points have previous coaches helped you solve? Is this next engagement in the same vein or different? 

As you may already know, I fundamentally believe in the power and efficacy of professional coaches and mentors — you need both!

Consider getting one yourself for the new, 2021 year! Every high-performance professional that I know has one… and my success has been predicated on getting the support I need as a founder / CEO.

It might be the most important #bizops thing you do next year!

[Originally published on Indie Hackers.]