100 True Fans

There was once a theory that posited that if you had 1,000 true fans then you’d be essentially good to go as a creator, builder, entrepreneur and anything in-between.

And, as far as I can tell, it’s proved to be directionally correct and, in principle, communicates the more important truth: Your relationships matter.

Now, if you can figure out how to lead and love your fans, friends, followers, and/or fanatics into a functional community then it’s truly possible to create not just meaning, safety and security, but it becomes the very sourcecode that generates outsized value for all involved.

In other words, everyone wins when community wins.

And, apparently, you don’t need as many as you once thought—that’s incredibly encouraging for startup founders, entrepreneurs, builders, and doers who are tired of the 9-to-5 grind and want to do something a bit more with their lives!

Find 100 folks that want to support you and you’re essentially good to go. And, it’s crazy to think that most people have a bigger “starter community” than they actually believe — so you’re already on your way!

At the very least, they want a little bit more agency when it comes to our professional lives and careers because we are simply more happy when we have a little bit more say and more control of how we use our time.

This is why I’m really excited to share that I’m launching a 5-Day Community-Building workshop in a few weeks. It’s just coming together, but, I’ve finished most of the workflows this past week and I’m building a safe place for us to gather and chat and grow together.

I can’t wait.

I don’t know if I have 1,000 true fans, but, I’m certainly close to my base of 100 — and that gives me courage, resolve, and makes me more resilient to the ups and downs of life.

I’m trying to make my life and my career antifragile and the only way I know how to do that is find other folks who want to be friends.

I know, almost too simple, right? Right.