A bit of paper-napkin math… but, if I were to put together the sum-total of the larger social networks that I’m active in then I might have closer to 500K followers / friends.

Twitter accounts for nearly half of that figure while the rest is found via a smattering of other social networking properties. I do have an equally as large subscriber base to this blog and this is simply because I’ve been writing for so damn long.

But I shared something via yesterday’s vlog which I think is important to come to grips with. It’s not a new idea and it’s been generally understood for a while now, but, I think it’s come into focus for me anew as I’ve started participating fully into a “new” social network.

It’s simply this idea that each social network is distinct and unique and each caters to a specific and unique audience. As much as we’d like to believe that there’s a decent overlap, the reality is that they just don’t work that way.

In other words, these social networks are less like concentric circles of users and more like walled gardens and transference of users from one to another is often difficult if not out right impossible.

Tactically this means that trying to get a group from Social Network A to join and activate into Social Network B is really, really hard.

If I were to use my existing constellation of social networks and the sum-total of those users, in a perfect world I would be able to move all of those readers, users, and followers into my YouTube Channel by casually suggesting it.

Nope. Nope. And… nope.

The growth of my YouTube network is paltry in comparison to the growth (and continued growth) of my existing social networks. Now, there’s a ton of rationale and even science around why this works, but, my new frustration is with the simple fact that this principle of non-transference (I just made that up, by the way…) is real.

You simply can’t expect that all of these folks within existing (walled) gardens are going to happily join you on your quest to build and grow a new (walled) garden!

So, the challenge is real, but, I’m going to try anyway and see if I can grow my YouTube Channel a lot faster, despite the principle roadblocks. I have a new goal of getting to 10,000 Subscribers by the end of my year-long experiment.

I share a few more thoughts on this here:

I’d love for you to give me some feedback, subscribe (obviously), and then even suggest ways that I can achieve this goal. Here, I’ve made it easy:

I’m new to this and I don’t have an infinite amount of time to invest in this (since I have a full-time job elsewhere), so I want to invest wisely and well with the highest potential return-on-investment.

But,  I need your help.

Here’s to big, lofty, difficult-yet-possibly-achievable goals. Why the hell not.

And, this is completely random, but, I made 3 different versions of these banners and I thought maybe some other folks could use them in the future, so, they are planted here for your use (Google SEO will pick these up eventually…):


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