11 Inches


I’ve reported a number of times on the awesomeness that is the MacBook Air series of notebook computers. I wrote way back that I felt it was the best machine I’ve ever used and I still contend that it is without peer nor equal.

I first began using the 13″ which began my love affair but overtime I realized that ergonomically the distance between the keyboard and the edge of the device was pinching my wrists. I explained this dynamic here in this post. After a serious period of time testing the device I declared the the 11-inch MacBook Air the winner.

It would be 6 months until I would have time and margin to make a full transition and with some of the recent big changes happening for 2014 I thought it would be a perfect time to make that happen.

There’s not much more detail that I can share except the fact that I can say with certainty that I’v’e made the right decision. The smaller screen real estate doesn’t bother me one bit and in many ways I’m thankful for the greater focus.

I know that many who use the 11″ have a companion display that they plug into but I’ve never been a fan of that productivity combo – perhaps it’s because my mind simply does not work with multiple things happening at once and I can only focus on one window at a time.

I did end up purchasing a new set of decals (being shipped – can’t wait!) as well as a new retro case (Nintendo Entertainment System with matching controller keychain!):

Yes, yes… I couldn’t help myself. This is going to be a huge year of productivity for me and I can’t wait to see the outcome! I’m going to put this thing through the paces for sure.

Day #4 of 2014… in the bag.