11 Years

Today marks 11 years married. The day after we got married we found ourselves headed to St. Lucia in the Caribbean for our honeymoon.

I’d like to say that “it feels like only yesterday” but it doesn’t – it feels like a lifetime ago if I’m honest.

Sue - Taking a nap mid-flight.

Sue – Taking a nap mid-flight. September 4, 2005

That was a very fun vacation and we took a lot of pictures (but they weren’t via an iPhone!).

3 months later we would discover that we were pregnant with our first and that we’d be moving to Austin, TX. I’d be changing career trajectories again and we’d be starting over, again.

And we’ve been doing that ever since. Starting, restarting, discovering and rediscovering, our lives have been a journey of exploration and excitement; never a dull moment!

I couldn’t imagine it without her; she’s my best friend in the world and means the world to me. I’m so grateful for 11 amazing (and interesting) years and I’m hoping for another 11 (and then some).

So much action.

So much action. We both wore contact lenses at the time.

This weekend was about resting, eating out, and more resting. It’s been a good one and exactly what I had hoped.