I (Still) Like Her

A week ago my wife and I passed the 14-year mark as a married couple and, to be honest, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to share publicly about this one (and if there was anything to say).

Of course, there are tons of things I could say but none of them feel exceedingly important or special; I mean, a long-standing relationship is just that — a long-standing relationship.

That’s not to diminish the work and the weight of the commitment… it’s just that life, sometimes, just continues to move forward without any obvious progress to note or highlight.

I mean, most of the time, there aren’t that many sparks (if any at all) and sometimes it feels we can go days without speaking to each other fully, as in, the types of conversations where you end up leaving like you know them slightly better than when you first started.

You know, that type of thing.

Someone once told me that your best friends have the pleasure and distinct honor of being bored around you! You know them so well that you can actually get bored in their presence; the “good” type of bored, of course. I’ve been marinating on that for months.

Instead, I shared a few things in my weekly newsletter last Friday that I captured a few things that bubbled to the surface. My mom and my dad got a bit of a highlight as well:

I’ve got some old-school photos in there too.

I still very much like my wife and sometimes I’m surprised that she still likes me — I guess that’s a bit of the “magic,” right?

Here’s last year’s blog post, if that’s your thing: