Real Life Latency

Watching this is painful… only because it’s not actually that hard to imagine:


So much of my life is calculated in how much (or how little) latency there is… how fast or how slow things are to react to the things that I want to react to.

And, I’m happiest when things move at the speed and rate that I expect them to move as well, but, that’s not always under my own control.

My life (and our world) has a ton of natural limitations which we all seem to be trying to circumvent or somehow “hack” our way through. Instead, perhaps, we need to acknowledge, and perhaps even learn to love, the limitations that are in our lives that force us to slow down, introspect a bit more, and see the greater opportunities for understanding.

One can see life is a series of elements that are either going faster than you want or slower than you need – which can make for a pretty depressing life if that’s where you ultimately land and if you can’t dislodge yourself from that thinking.

Rather, if you remove time from the equation (which is hard to do!) then you’ll be much more relaxed. Trust me, I know.