Needs Only You To Operate It

It’s unreal to see how far we’ve come. If we feel like things are “bulky” now, just imagine what it will be like in 10-20 years… or even 50!

Here’s the official advertising text for the 1967 Sony Videocorder – read it and ponder………..

He’s taping that thrilling number, “Serenade in Peep Major” with the new portable, battery-operated Sony Videocorder.

It records both picture and sound. (The camera weights only 6 pounds. The recorder pack just 12.) Needs only you to operate it. And costs only $1250.* Yet it can do just about everything one of those gargantuan mobile video units can do. Maybe even more.

It doesn’t have yards of power cable to tie to it down. (One thin cable connects the Camera and Recorder, that’s all.) So it can go up in a plane and tape aerial views of potential factory sites. Tag along on an archaeological expedition. Or on a trip to the zoo with a bunch of first graders. Or it can even wiggle into tight places and crawl beneath machinery to record damage. (So only one person has to get his clothes dirty.)

Anyone can operate this Sony Videocorder. All its level controls are fully automatic. And there’s a TV monitor right inside the camera. So it’s almost impossible to botch things up. (If you manage to do it anyway, no sweat. The tape is reusable.)

The nicest thing about the Videocorder: When you come back with everything behind you, it instantly lets you have it all in front of you.