1K Profitable Communities in 2021

I’m nervous and excited about sharing a new resource for folks who are looking to build a community in 2021! You can check it out here.

Although, if I’m to be completely candid, I’m more nervous and anxious than anything because what this is really about is being much more public about the community that I’m part of โ€” the amazing and wonderful yeniverse โ€” and what we really stand for:

The Yeniverse exists to democratize community building.

The Yenizen Way

And, in many ways, this is about my very own existence and what I stand for. A bit scary to say it all aloud, right?

I have a personal goal to help 1,000 communities launch, grow, and become financially profitable in 2021 using resources like this and the technology platform that we’re launching next year!

Let’s get it done.