8 Years, 10 Days, 1,000 Subscribers

I officially joined YouTube on April 6th, 2009, exactly 8 years and 10 days ago. And it took that long to get to 1,000 subscribers, which I passed earlier this morning.

… … … … … What do they say…? Patience… is… a… virtue…? LOL.

Actually, to be honest, I had crossed 1,000 subscribers 2 days ago but it’s been fluctuating up and down since then as if YouTube isn’t quite sure I should have 1,000 or not.

But regardless, I’ve crossed a neat little milestone and I’m quite happy with the progress. To think that it took that long is quite a journey.

The last 150 days.

And the bulk of the gain has been in the last 150 days or so when I started doing YouTube every single day so that I could complete my 365 day project. In those 150 days I gained ~700 new subs to cross the 1,000 mark.

Paper-napkin math shows that I gained about 4-5 new subscribers a day since I started doing YouTube semi-seriously. I say “semi” because I’m not going at it full-time or professional (like my brother) and instead my goal is to simply upload at least one video every single day for a year.

That’s it.

Nothing special, nothing fancy, nothing elaborate or complex. I’m executing against my original goal and it’s been very hard but worth it. There is no “secret” other than just doing it.

Feels good.

There are no tricks or strategies or proven workflows. There is only execution, rapid experimentation, and a little bit of luck. Perhaps, a lot of luck actually. But, who’s to know.

My encouragement to you is what I’m been saying from the very beginning: A creative project like this can only be fleshed out through doing the hard work of producing your art.

There is no substitute and since I have other full-time responsibilities it means that my time is limited and there is very little left over other than execution. I’m not spending time trying to “maximize” or “optimize” my creative process… and I’m not trying to strategize the marketing or branding side of things.

I’m just waking up, turning on the camera, and throwing stuff together on my iPhone and hoping something (anything) sticks. The result is simple and self-evident.

If anything, I just hope to encourage you a bit more… that’s all. Just do the hard and necessary work. Do it fast and iterate. Experiment. Try new things. You’ll learn much more through execution than through mental strategizing and planning.

Through it you’ll open yourself up to a world of possibilities when you do… more than you could possibly imagine. You’ll also have a lot of fun in the process.

And who cares if it takes 8 years and 10 days to get to some neat little benchmark like 1,000 subscribers?! No one is keeping score and the person who is going to care the most is you. You can either apply unfair pressure to hit these milestones or you can relieve yourself of all that pressure and just have fun.

I’d highly suggest the latter, of course. It’s just a number at the end of the day and doesn’t actually change anything in my day-to-day. You see, I still have to upload something today… and… in fact, I better go do that right now.

See you soon.

Guess what? I passed 2,000 subscribers! It just took me another year and a half to do it! Get some!

2,000 YouTube Subscribers: (9 Years, 7 Months, and 8 Days)