2 Amazing Years at North Point and Where I’m Headed Next

It Was an Honor Wearing You...

Today is my last day as a full time employee at one of the greatest organizations on the planet, and 9 days ago it was my 2 year anniversary at North Point Ministries. I still remember day 1 like it was last week and year 1 like it was yesterday.

I remember the excitement that was in my mind and heart as I announced that we would be coming back to Atlanta after a 3 year stay in Austin, and how quickly God started building community in this new season.

Get this: I have made more friends here than all of my previous jobs combined.

I started meeting people I had met online like @Dewde who would later become one of my best friends; my family even moved into his basement when we needed a place to stay temporarily.

God was moving then in powerful ways and He’s still moving now – in fact, He’s never stopped.

I Travel Pretty Light...

So much has happened in the last 2 years it would take a lifetime to share.

I have learned (and continue to learn) from some of the very best and brightest within any organization and they have helped me develop a deeper appreciation for the Cross, for the Church, and for the unique ways in which God has made me for His service.

I’ve had the pleasure and joy of partnering with nearly all parts of the ministry on incredible projects that are changing people’s lives and will continue to impact generations to come.

I’ve also walked through “valleys of the shadow of death” and the ministry has supported my family through some of the toughest moments of my life.

It’s been an unbelievable journey and this blog post couldn’t possibly thank everyone that has impacted me personally because it would simply never end (either that or my hands would actually get tired of typing…). But, here’s an attempt anyway:

  • Andy – For allowing God to use you to establish foundations in my spiritual life that are eternal.
  • Rick – For your honesty and being the straightest shooter I have ever known.
  • Bill – For your humor and incredible wisdom. And for making fun of me. And for inspiring my new hair style.
  • Fran – For being my coach and kicking my butt.
  • Tim – You helped me see the lighter (and brighter) side of things.
  • Dan – For your leadership from Day 1. You never gave up on me.
  • John – For being a model husband and father.
  • AJ – Your partnership and teamwork that kept me out of a lot of trouble.
  • Jeff – You taught me humility and you believe in me. You are my forever champion.
  • Scott – I needed a fellow journeyman and God provided you.
  • Kristen – Your availability to listen when it counted was priceless and most certainly divine.
  • Brad – Your friendship and insight was (and still is) invaluable.
  • Chris – For being you.
  • Kevin – For giving me an opportunity to serve in a capacity that is both thrilling and scary as hell.
  • Micah – There were only a few people more competent in their role than you. Thanks for modeling excellence and passion.
  • Erin – Letting me be a part of your life as you walked with God was amazing. And sharing seminary classes was cool too.
  • Amber – For constantly entertaining me with your laugh, and the food in your desk.
  • Julie – Watching you lead your team was inspirational; I’ve never seen anyone lead like you do.
  • Suzy – You are one of the most positive people I have ever met.
  • Lizett – Your smile was always welcome.
  • Billy – Your perspective was always the right one.
  • Wayne – Your candor. Period. ;)
  • Justin – Your message on Romans is burned into my mind. I will never forget it.
  • Tom – Your friendship and the burgers. I mean, seriously. That’s a real friend.
  • Mike – Your ministry to my wife and I.
  • Russell – You always reminded me that family came first.

And the many more that touched my life day-in and day-out at North Point. I am most certainly leaving someone out and I apologize in the most sincerest way possible but you know who you are!

What’s Next?


Nothing too exciting actually since not too much is changing  – I’ll be continuing my work with 8BIT and the neat things and new things that we are doing over there (and more to come) as well as an increased role with a next generation communication platform.

I will also continue doing strategic consulting, a little bit of contracting with North Point (so you may see me in the halls), and a few other random things that I’ve always wanted to try. And, if you have any crazy ideas, I’d love to hear about them!

In addition to all of that stuff (and I never thought that I’d be able to call myself this) I will become a Full Time Blogger.

I can now scratch that off the bucket list. I’m very excited about that and expect a new blog (or two) in the near future.

8BIT Network


I know that I’ll be asked this question even if I articulate it fully here (and that’s fine) but the reason that I’m leaving one of the finest organizations in existence is simply because that season of work is finished (for now).

After completing some amazing projects both North Point and I began to feel that the season was coming to an end and we collaboratively (staff, leadership) decided on the next step. After prayer, counsel, and time-tested consideration, the decision was an easy one.

I feel completely supported by my staff and the leadership team and I know that there is definitely an “open door” if God leads me back to NP as a Full Time Staff person. I couldn’t feel more empowered and encouraged to pursue the opportunities that lay ahead and before me! This feels like the right way to head out and is the best “exit” possible.



Finally, we’re not going anywhere. We love our church, we love the Mission that the church and leadership have for impacting the lost, and we love our friends here too much to go anywhere anytime soon.

We’re going to make it through this pregnancy and then find a more permanent home soon in Atlanta. We’re still members at Buckhead Church and I’m going to be hanging out with my high school small group for the next 4 years (God willing that they and I survive!). Sue is actively volunteering in the college ministry and has loved the opportunities to volunteer with a number of the event teams. Roenne, of course, is super-excited about the Week Day program (North Point Pre-school) and absolutely loves her teachers!

We haven’t felt a call to leave the metro Atlanta area and so we’ll be planting ourselves here for (it seems) a good bit of time.

So we’ll see a lot of you guys around definitely want to continue growing these amazing relationships that God has brought to us!

And, if you would, pray for us and this next “season” of life. As confident as I am in my Lord to set our paths straight I’m uncertain that I’ve developed a very good “listening ear” to the Lord’s voice!

But it’ll be fun, that’s for sure.