Coworking in Atlanta: 200 Office

I had the opportunity to spend some time at one of the coolest Atlanta coworking spots, right in downtown off of Peachtree Street, in the old Macy’s building.

Man, what a neat spot! 200 Office, at 200 Peachtree Street [Google Maps] has embedded itself right in the old Macy’s building and has some really neat amenities including a Rising Roll inside, large office space and meeting areas for groups, and even larger space to hold an event. Comfortable seats to boot, you’ve got pretty much anything you need to get up, running, and productive.

But first, you really have to appreciate the location. There aren’t many shots that I could find in Google but here are a few images of the Old Macy’s:

Right now it’s being used for weddings, large events, and more but on the top right if you walk in that front door is 200 Office. Pretty slick if you ask me.

But one of the neatest things that happened during my stay was the way they treated me – I felt like they went out of their way to spend time with me, listen to my perspective, and provide a sweet spot to work for the day. I love that and it makes all the difference.

I’ll pause here for a moment and all I’ll say is this: Hospitality matters. How you treat people matters. Making one of your new guests stand in the lobby of your coworking spot for 15 minutes is bullcrap, especially after you called them and told them that you’d be coming and they said they’d be there. Good hospitality brings people back, it makes those guests talk about you well, and it builds rapport and good will.

Just do it, ok? The guys at 200 Office did that and it made my heart smile. In fact, I’m back today with my coaching class. See? It works.

Here are some other neat shots from the day:

I parked in the nearby deck and took an elevator down. Don’t worry, they validate!

It was difficult to find the spot initially but here’s an image to burn into your memory. Park here!

Peachtree Street! See it? 200 Conference, 200 Office.

A small set of stairs and you’re there.

Big space to meet, work, and even eat.

Lots of different office and meeting room setups. Nice.

These two guys are so pro. LOL!

Space. Ah.

Rising Roll right in the space for food and more!

A view from the top. A large gathering area too:

If you’ve got time and if you’re close to downtown you should drop by. It’s only $10 for the day if you’re a guest which is great. I don’t need to tell you that though!

The speed is pretty decent too so you shouldn’t have a problem. Beyond just the space you can get dedicated phone lines, a mailbox, and more. They rotate the wifi access key every month and even have a small online system to manage your registration and payment.

Thanks 200 Office for making my stay really pleasant. I loved my time there and it goes down as one of the neat spots for coworking in Atlanta!

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