Monthly Archives: July 2002


A good friend of mine has been diagnosed with behcet’s disease… yah, i didn’t know what the hell that was either… check it out and become un-ignorant… its phucking horrible what that shizit is… i wish her well and strength and guidance. Lord please lend your healing touch and be with her thru this hard and difficult time. Let Your presence be known to her and hold her tight…

Nov, 24th, 2002 [p]

Ack, My Face

*ACK!  My face is poofy like a marshmellow from hives, cause it seems im allergic to this cat here…  I think i pet it and then touched my face, cause i had an itch and then all hell broke loose.  Just on my cheeks, hehe, sort of funny, but itches like all mother…… ack, doh. im poofy jleekun… im gonna go give that cat the punches… *ack, my eyes… now my eyes, i can’t see cause the hives are getting near my eyes…! *ack!!! im gonna go blind…

Nov, 24th, 2002 [p]