Monthly Archives: July 2002

More Spontaneous

Either I’m becoming more spontaneous in my old age…(old… ahhhhhhhhh) or … i dunno.  Yesterday, petakun and i decided to head up to atlanta for break atl! for sheeeeeeeeeezy.  anyway, we have no place to stay and i was up all night trying to find a place to crash tonight and tomorrow… for realllllll. i finally hooked up with nicole. true!  thankx girl. your always there for me.  anyway, its gonna be a dope ass road trip ending up with big ass freestyle session tonight at wherever, and then sat night is of the heezy for sheezy! hhahahahahah. JD uP iN dIs!  word.  anyway, we’ll be representin b-boy style and its gonna be tight as whoooooooooday.  we got petakun’s car pimped out with some side body work the other day. mad nice. dude, his ride is getting even more dope… ah!!!!!! i need some chedda to get me a HB civic… for real.  im out. cause i got work… sort of.  answering these punani’s on the macromedia flash forums… damn, i should get paid doing this tooooooooo… word up. coding is becoming me………..

Nov, 24th, 2002 [p]

It’s Orange

It’s Orange!!!  Well, reddish-orange… well, maybe just red… doh. maybe orange… what have i done? poor, poor, pelo…

Nov, 24th, 2002 [p]

Sort of Neat

Haha.  To say I’m not spontaneous…  Instead of going to get something to eat, I went to the nearest hair place instead and colored my hair dark red.  I got some japanese food after at @ Yoshi’s though, so I’m not dying of hunger.  Haha.  This is sort of neat…!

Nov, 24th, 2002 [p]

Finally Got Flow

Sort of bored and too tired to write anything interesting.  Just working it old skool.  Finally got flow in mai game, keeping it tight on the dance floor, nahmene?  haha, mills are there and the im blowin’ up the spot with some nice tech and footwork. 

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