Monthly Archives: September 2002

Showed Me How

Yooooooooooooooooooooooooo.  I’m bored… Yesterday, i went to the student center, 3rd floor, and repped with scott… yeah.  thats it.  just me and him yo.  2 original b-boyz keeping it straight… cause tech is hatin’ on us sooooooooooooo bad.  And it was dope, except i was mad tired and ate a whole bag of hot/spicy cheetos before coming by… *ack.  yeah, i felt that stuff roll in my stomach a couple times…  man. i shouldn’t eat that stuff… but yo, its so good…!  today, i went with yoko to check out the 3rd floor arts and crafts center… very interesting.  never been there before.  i went into the dark room where you can develop pictures and stuff… that was interesting.  a girl was in there doing some and she showed me how.  someone stop me, but, i think i may get interested in buying a 35mm camera and doing some stuff like that… cause they give you all the stuff for free, except the light-sensitive paper…  thats a MAD good deal.  oh well.  maybe sometime in the near future, ne?

So, right now, im about to head out to the SC to go catch spider man.  for 2 bucks, i can go see it.  and you know, im mad bored, so i guess i will.  see it with ben and christina and whoever wants to haul they’re bored azz over there.  word.  lets go see some spiders… i mean…  yeah…

im bored.

SAC Casino Night

Handed out flyers for the SAC Casino night today… I just got back from doing that…  Was fairly interesting.  I got rid of like 200 of them in 20 min…  The trick is, to say ‘free food’, and no one can deny the offer.  …  The weird thing is, is that, i didn’t even remember volunteering to do that.  They just wrote me an email and was like… “thanks for doing this, come by and get your stuff to hand out…” and i was like… uh… sure…  and so, i did my part for helping tech be a little more of a social place to live… noooooooooooooooooooottttttt.  cause, we all know, tech is a living anti-social hell, and everyone is in this conspiracy… except me… :)  haha.  Okok.  gotta do some work.  I’m out.

Aight, Here We Go

It’s been a long time yo…  20+ something days since I posted something public.  Kept these thoughts to myself.  Letting it just slide over.  I dunno why, but I feel much more… How do you say…  Private I suppose.  It’s not like its that big of a deal though…  I suppose…  I dunno.  People reading my thoughts and stuff.  But hey, its’ a trip, ne?  Aight, here we go…