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We are getting up

Had a good day of studying…  Sort of.  Went to an 8oclock lecture for physics instead of my 9…  I went bed, and told my body, “We are getting up around 7 tomorrow.”  My body obviously heard me, cause, I woke up all of a sudden and it was 655 on the dot.  Just enough time for me to get my body to work and hit my alarm before it would wake up my roomie.  Cool.  Actually had breakfast for the first time the entire semester when i got back from lecture.  It wasn’t good, as usual.  Then, went to library where I did nothing but sleep and review some.  Waited til 2 to have my interview for the student-assistant job.  It went well.  I think I’m gonna get the job.  That will be another 13-15 hours of busy work to do next semester, but, I should be paid fairly well…  We’ll see about that.  Thanked God for that opportunity.  Headed back to doug’s place, studied some more, watched “Seventh Heaven” for the first time in my life.  Man, that show is weird-stuff.  When the heck did that come out?  So goofy…  Played some ping-pong and got rocked steady.  I gotta get back up in dis…  And, now, I’m gonna head out to 722.  I hear its mad fun.  Cool…

Another beautiful day to be thankful for.  I was walking around, listening to the new mix petakun sent me.  Oakenfold’s new cd, straight up, is one bad mother.  I was listening to one of them, and the beat is mad dope, and I was just rocking to it as I was walking.  Ahead of me, there were these two birds, I guess they were sort of courting eachother, but they were jumping up and down, perfect with the beat of the song.  It was kinda funny.  They would jump and land right on the beat.  I was like,  “Woah dere…  Birds got funk soul brotha!”  Haha.  Watever…  Got a test tomorrow.  Then, I’m out.  Fo sho.  It’ll be a good break. 

Safe traveling to everyone.  No one but God carries you to your destination.  Thank Him.  :)


We’ll see where it goes

Great petakun.  Glad you did it.

o  S i R i X  z (12:11:19 AM): man i just had the best conversation with april
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:22 AM): i told her EVERYTHING
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:25 AM): how i’m accountable
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:27 AM): to YOU
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:28 AM): to brothers
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:31 AM): to my god
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:34 AM): to how i want to be
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:36 AM): and everything!
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:42 AM): she’s really kewl with it all
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:49 AM): and it makes me love her more
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:53 AM): no more sex
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:55 AM): just kiss
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:57 AM): thats it
o  S i R i X  z (12:11:59 AM): no more touching
o  S i R i X  z (12:12:12 AM): she’s not to be dependent on me
o  S i R i X  z (12:12:15 AM): for everything
o  S i R i X  z (12:12:17 AM): she’s strong
o  S i R i X  z (12:12:22 AM): and she’s gunna go to church more
jleekun (12:12:33 AM): hmm.
o  S i R i X  z (12:12:36 AM): i was worried she wouldn’t be receptive to it all, but i’m thinkin i can bring her with me on my journey
o  S i R i X  z (12:12:39 AM): and i love it
jleekun (12:12:50 AM): thats awesome.  be strong. be strong.
o  S i R i X  z (12:12:53 AM): we are gunna be like best friends
o  S i R i X  z (12:12:58 AM): but dating still
o  S i R i X  z (12:13:02 AM): i’m so happy
o  S i R i X  z (12:13:24 AM): shes accepted it all with her doubts, but thats ok.  she loves me for who i am, and is willing to work on her faith with me
jleekun (12:15:28 AM): hmm.
jleekun (12:15:31 AM): thats awesome dude.
jleekun (12:15:42 AM): just continue to pray.  Ask for God’s help.
jleekun (12:15:57 AM): Just know, that satan will tempt you and try to crush you.
jleekun (12:16:01 AM): be prepared for a battle.
jleekun (12:16:04 AM): it won’t be easy.
jleekun (12:16:10 AM): with God’s strength you will prevail.
jleekun (12:16:16 AM): regardless of the outcome.
jleekun (12:16:23 AM): stay positive and focused.
o  S i R i X  z (12:16:25 AM): yah man
o  S i R i X  z (12:16:26 AM): truuuuu
jleekun (12:16:27 AM): prioritize.
jleekun (12:16:32 AM): God’s first.
jleekun (12:16:35 AM): she’s second.
o  S i R i X  z (12:16:38 AM): yes yes
jleekun (12:16:39 AM): schools in there somewhere.
o  S i R i X  z (12:16:39 AM): i’m tryin
jleekun (12:16:40 AM): family.
jleekun (12:16:41 AM): and whatever.
o  S i R i X  z (12:16:44 AM): i’m still on my faith journey
o  S i R i X  z (12:16:45 AM): u know
jleekun (12:20:25 AM): eah
jleekun (12:20:26 AM): yeah
jleekun (12:20:27 AM): im glad man.
jleekun (12:20:31 AM): this is cool.
jleekun (12:20:41 AM): just be prepared for anything.
jleekun (12:20:43 AM): God has a plan.
jleekun (12:20:55 AM): april may be in that plan, or may be lost within the week.  who knows.
jleekun (12:21:04 AM): Keep an open heart and mind.
jleekun (12:21:12 AM): And just trust in His Will.
o  S i R i X  z (12:21:24 AM): yes yes yes
o  S i R i X  z (12:21:24 AM): i know
jleekun (12:21:42 AM): but, im really happy that you got the courage to get this out.
o  S i R i X  z (12:22:30 AM): man
o  S i R i X  z (12:22:32 AM): it took a lot
jleekun (12:23:04 AM): thank God for it.

We’ll see where this goes…

Creative Writing

Im bored yo…  Got done with 2 psychology studies/tests in an hour… so that was good.  and now, im just sitting here wondering what to do with myself.  Just got done reading ‘The North Avenue Review’, some creative writing publication whatnot… yeah.  pretty raw and uncensored, but i dun care.  Boredom is a disease……………

Proverbs 31 Baby

Well, jleekun, a lot has gone on since you last wrote.  That thursday night was a big step in just becoming more like your son Jesus.  Just talking about our relationships with women and how we must be biblical men… man, it was so good.  Here are some notes that I took down on my hand…

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I love you more than anyone

Whoops… Don’t say that girl unless you mean it.

Haneul Kimberly (11:42:53 AM): noo goo boh dah nul sarang hae  

jleekun (11:43:03 AM): what does that say?
Haneul Kimberly (11:43:06 AM): hehehe
Haneul Kimberly (11:43:09 AM): i love you more than anyone
Haneul Kimberly (11:43:12 AM): :-[
jleekun (11:43:18 AM): why me?
Haneul Kimberly (11:43:20 AM): hahahaha
Haneul Kimberly (11:43:24 AM): cuz you’re super duper special
jleekun (11:43:30 AM): oh. thankx.


All Entries Private

I think I’m gonna put all my entries private… Everysingle one I’ve ever done.  And just continue keeping them private for awhile, or, just have a little peep out of me once in a while…

Oh well, I don’t need people sniffing in my past.  This keeps them in check and me as well. 

They will be labeled as such if they were made private today…


Nov, 24th, 2002 [p]


And also, from now on, I’m gonna make private all my entries after a day or so being public.  Some will be auto private, [p], but, the ones that are made public 1 or 2 days later will be labeled {p}.  Cool.  Just a note for my own self when i come back to read them…


Some Cleaning Up

Love the Lord thy God.  Thru Him, all things are possible.  For all you women out there…  Seek Biblical men, godly-men.  Do not settle for anything less.  For all you men out there…  Seek Biblical women, godly-women.  Do not settle for anything less. 

He is the Alpha and the Omega.  Nothing else really matters…

I did some cleaning up.  :)