Monthly Archives: April 2003

4.9 Earthquake

Up early…  God, ok, fine, I’ll study…


There was a 4.9 earthquake around 5 in the morning.  Hmm.  Is that why I’m up studying in the library at this ungodly hour?


Short Prayer

kpridekp (8:58:44 PM): God has truly taken away my hunger and filled it with happiness.
kpridekp (8:58:51 PM): i hope he did the same for yours
jleekun (8:58:52 PM): true that.
kpridekp (9:00:28 PM): okay, i’m truly motivated to study now. thanks for ur help. i’llc all you at midnight tho, maybe we can say a short prayer.
jleekun (9:00:31 PM): aight
jleekun (9:00:33 PM): true true.
jleekun (9:00:38 PM): im gonna start packing.
jleekun (9:00:40 PM): peace bro.
kpridekp (9:00:42 PM): cool later