Monthly Archives: September 2003

You Wanna Chat


Guess you didn’t know, but, now you know, so, there!


If you wanna chat, I’ll be on MSN Instant Messenger instead of AIM.  I’m just tired of AIM. is my handle, so, yeah.  And, if you really want, drop me a line @ 904.710.5540, and we’ll talk about God or something cool.

Aight, I’m out.  Payce brothers and sisters.  Keep throwing it around like it aint no thing.  That is, the Word of God, of course.


{p}  10.6.03

Laughs Like a Girl

___________________________________________________ To my boyz back in Tally holding it down, and for bBoY sOoKiE dEuCe for representin’ da J-rOcK.  Too much fun.  Need to calm the !#$% down.

Haha.  Word.  My brother laughs like a girl.

 {p}  9.27.03

Going Old Skool




Going old skool…

First one to guess how old I am here wins something… … …  For those that don’t know, I used to be a thespian, yeah, one of those.  These pictures were from rehearsal for the Shakespearean play “Mid-Summer Night’s Dream”.  I was Oberon, the Fairy King.  Hehe.

Anyways, there is a point to all this.  I was thinking about growing out my hair because I’m lazy.  I was thinking about going old skool, and long style, maybe back to the middleschool era, like this or something.  But, hmm…  I’m not sure.  What thinks you?

I still have that jersey too… and its still too big.  Hehe.  Drop me a line if you wanna see some production pictures.  It’ll be the only chance to ever see me with makeup and lipstick on…  …  …

Anyways…  So, yeah.

{p}  9.13.03