Monthly Archives: January 2004

Vertical Grounds

Finished the new website for our Church.  Take a look.  It’s a new Musical Ministry for God!  Whoopie!   And Helen Yi, could you post this on the Church/ACG Xanga?  Thanks.

New Musical Ministry

In other news…

Anyone wanna learn ballet with me?  No insecure men need apply, only those that know God is more important than other people’s comments or ideas.  This is so I can do more of this…

more effectively…  I love to dance.  I feel God when I dance.

Urbana Trip

Well, this may be a little late, but, I just found some time to do this…  Here’s some pics describing my winter break, in chronological order.  If you’re gonna take any of these pictures, or if you want the whole folder of the Urbana trip, drop me a line on AIM ‘jleekun’ or email me or something, cause, I made them all low-res, and trust me, you want better copies… 

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