Monthly Archives: February 2004

Words, Alone


How do words, alone, describe what and how I feel?  I, like many others and many of you perhaps, have at least pondered this question and problem before.  And around its boudaries of  ‘enigma-hood’ lie the ever so cleverly put inquiry to others, as we seek a dose of a seemingly self-serving proposal:

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Singleness Awareness Day

So, ‘Singleness Awareness Day’ went by without too much of a fuss…  I think.  It was good.  God is Good.   I’d like, at this time as well, to make known to my readers that Friday the 13th is one of my favorite days.  This is because I really like Fridays.  And, my favorite number is 13.  What a great combination.  I’d also like to give a shoutout to all those who participated in the ‘Creative Date 2.0’ that took place.  That was very fun.  My cheeks hurt cause I was laughing so hard.  I find it an incredible blessing to have so many funnie people in my fellowship group.  They add a diverse flavor to the mix.  True dat yo.  I’m sure many of you blessed each other with God-centered conversations and edification.  There’s nothing wrong with dating, especially when it’s sole purpose is to build up the Kingdom’s fellowship.  Praise God for relationships.  They are so much fun.  May the Glory goto Him, always.

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Friday the 13th is a wonderful combination.  I like Fridays.  My favorite number is 13.  Booya.

Tomorrow is the enigmatic day (enigmatic to me at least) of strange likings.